Hayley Williams unseen side

BY Cassidy Reyna

Staff Writer

Williams’ new album takes the audience into her mind and shows her vulnerability through her lyrics.

 She is very well known as the lead singer of the band “Paramore,” however, her solo project is totally different from what she is known for.

Williams’ new album takes the audience into her mind and shows her vulnerability through her lyrics.

 Williams released her first 10 songs through E.P.s to give a taste of what else is to come and she did not disappoint. 

There are many songs on the album that explore her anger, hurt from her divorce, growth, and depression.

She starts off the album with the song “Simmer,” in which she sings about her rage and feminism. 

Talking about trying to “simmer down” and stopping herself from exploding. 

From there it shift to a part of the album which shows the audience Williams’ depression and suicidal thoughts during her time of healing. Starting from tracks “Leave it Alone” to “Dead Horse” the audience is taken into Hayley’s mind. 

With lyrics like “becoming friends with a noose that I made and I keep tryin’ to untie it,” Williams talks about her struggle with suicidal thoughts and how she tried to channel the energy into different things but the thoughts remained. 

In that same group of songs, is shown Williams’ feelings towards her ex-husband and possibly other relationships.

 In the song “Creepin’” she discusses an abusive relationship and how thoughts tend to “creep” in her mind and that he still lingers there. 

In the “Creepin”lyrics “It always starts as something so simple and innocent but too much of anything you’ll never know how to quit,” Williams is talking about the thoughts that can linger in her or a partner’s mind.

The first half of her album is vulnerable and shows the audience her true colors, compared to the pop-punk Hayley that is known from Paramore. 

In “Paramore’s  last album “After Laughter,” the aduience  shown the same rock sound as well as being very poppy. 

In that way, Williams’ solo sound is very similar but with more synth and r&b beats. 

In the second half of the album, Williams’ songs begin to lift up and the audience is shown the progress of how Hayley is feeling. In the song “Over Yet,” the lyrics repeat “if there’s resistance it makes you stronger” showing that she was able to push through. 

The audience can also take this song as a way to remind themselves to stay strong.

In the song “Watch Me While I Bloom,” Williams is really able to convey the fact that she has grown and feels free to be happy again.

 It is heard at the very beginning of the song “How lucky I feel to be in my body again how lovely I feel not to have to pretend.” Conveying to the listener she is comfortable and proud to be in her skin.

The album overall is extremely vulnerable and shows the audience a side of Hayley Williams that had yet to be shown. 

Her sound is quite different from the Paramore sound many know and love, but is very enjoyable and catchy.

“Petals for Armor” is available on all streaming services.

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