OPINION: Libraries is crucial for student education

BY Anthony Padilla

Staff Writer

The Helen Miller Bailey Library should remain open during the quarantine.

Many students also do not have a dedicated study space or room to go to when they need to study. 

All throughout my academic career, the only place to do my homework was the kitchen table. It was not until my senior year of high school that I received a desk and an area to study. 

For the students who do not have space for themselves, where can they go? 

Most, if not all, public places are closed, limiting the options for students to study elsewhere. 

If the school library were to remain open, students would have a second option as to where to choose to study at.  

Of course, both the students and school would have to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. 

Desks and chairs would have to be separated allowing six feet of space between individuals. Hand sanitizer and masks would also be necessary for entering the library. 

Many would be willing to follow those guidelines if it means having a nice and quiet place to do homework. 

Especially when we consider how many individuals have already obeyed the current Center for Disease Control guidelines for COVID-19.

There is also the issue of not having an adequate amount of resources at home. 

Many students rely on using the printer at school so this leaves them in a tight spot.

 Even though classes are now online, sometimes it makes it a lot easier to print assignments at home, to visualize the work better. 

Sometimes classes will require students to print out a handout to go along with a lecture. 

Another resource students may not have at home, are computers. It was great that the Los Angeles Community College District had a free laptop program to offer students. 

However, what about the students who did not hear about the scholarship program and missed out?

Having access to a computer is essential to participate in online instruction. Computer access is yet, another resource available at the campus library. 

Overall, having at least one other place to go to study will really help students. Especially during this time of the quarantine.

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