OPINION: Lockdown is making our media consumption uninteresting

BY Hassad Enciso

Staff Writer

People are spending more time watching television than ever due to the quarantine. 

The more time people spend on media, the more boring entertainment is.

I have been watching so much YouTube to the point that I am rewatching older videos. 

Which sounds like a dumb problem to have, but there is a high chance that quarantine is going to last longer than hoped. 

This is a problem that I feel like everyone can understand. Everyone has a lot of downtime. The main thing everyone is doing is consuming various types of media. Video games, music, podcasts, books, TV and YouTube. 

However, everyone has some sort of video or TV show playing in the background while you do something else. 

I do it all the time. Why? I don’t know but it’s there and it’s playing. 

For the most part I’m not even paying attention to the TV while I’m doing homework, or reading Japanese manga. 

The main problem is that it takes me about ten minutes to find something to watch. 

It should not take someone ten minutes to find a single video. I don’t believe it is because there isn’t enough content, but that there is too much content. 

There is too much content on TV or on the internet to watch, to the point that a majority of it is all the same. 

I still see people playing “Final Fantasy VII” remake on the streaming platform Twitch. It’s a great game but it was released last month in April. 

Why haven’t people finished playing? Seeing people play the same game or make the same type of videos is so jading that it makes it harder to find anything interesting anymore. 

It’s boring. There isn’t a problem with multiple YouTubers or Twitch streams playing the same game, because some games have different outcomes. 

However, if it’s a game that has already been played and been out for a while, then it is no longer interesting. 

It is hard to find something new to watch, when everything so far has been made. 

I am constantly watching the same things over and over again that sometimes it feels like I am forcing my laughter. 

I ask myself if its still funny or it is just noise? I have watched the show, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” so many times that I can almost predict what they are going to say. Why? 

Mainly because there wasn’t anything else that was interesting. I love the show, but it got stale. 

Quarantine is ruining our favorite videos and shows. There is a high chance of a second wave during flu season in October. 

Many TV shows are going to finish their season this month, and some have already finished. There is never any new shows from June to August. 

That is the time shows start filming, but with the current outbreak, they are most likely not going to film. It is going to make it harder to find anything to watch. Quarantine has ruined entertainment. 

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