Meet the new alien family in animated sitcom

BY Cassidy Reyna

Staff Writer

The new animated sci-fi sitcom “Solar Opposites” is definitely a show to watch while in quarantine, as it can transport to a different world. 

It is centered around an alien family from the now destroyed planet of ShlorpTheir home planet of Shlorp was destroyed by an asteroid, and the main characters Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack and Jesse were assigned to each other along with a Pupa, pronounced “pew-puh” to inhabit earth. 

Once they have settled, the “mission” is to eventually take over once the Pupa reaches full maturity.

Although the show is based around the family, it does go down different paths for each character.

The creators show the difficulties of parenthood through Korvo and Terry while Yumyulack and Jesse go through horrors of school to display the adventures they go on.

Pupa also has its own adventures as it is usually unsupervised. Its purpose is to fully mature, due to it having the history of the Shlorpians.

Once it has reached full maturity, Earth would be destroyed and rebuilt to become the new Shlorp.

What is very interesting to see is the fact that, even though it is a sci-fi sitcom it can connect it to real life situations.

As they are literally aliens, they aren’t really accepted into society. In fact, in episode two it revolves around Korvo and Terry trying to get the likes of the neighborhood. 

In episode four, Jesse and Yumyulack think they hit puberty when a flower grows on their heads. 

These episodes show that even though they are aliens, they face the same problems as humans.

Overall, it is definitely a binge worthy show that many adult audiences can enjoy.

With the ever-changing shenanigans that the main characters get into, it is hard to stop watching.

 Many will probably notice how similar the show is to “Rick and Morty” but “Solar Opposites” is a stand alone show. 

It is hard to ignore a possible connection to “Rick and Morty” solely based on the fact that Justin Roiland who voices the main characters from “Rick and Morty,” also voices Korvo in “Solar Opposites.” Besides the voice, both shows have the same creators, art style and of course sci-fi aspects.

“Solar Opposites” made it’s “crash landing” on Hulu streaming services on May 8.

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