Academic Senate makes changes to Course Outline of Record

By Andrew Ayala

As East Los Angeles College transitions to eLumen, Jeffrey Hernandez said Student Learning Outcomes will now be embedded into the Course Outline of Record at the Academic Senate zoom meeting yesterday. Despite the two-week setback with eLumen, the changes will be made.

The COR is an official document that is approved through the curriculum processes as required under state law. A SLO is a reflection of what the student has learned throughout the semester that can also be used as a basis to understand where student learning can be improved. 

eLumen is a higher education, assessment and curriculum management system that is supposed to give insight of students’ engagement and progress while still being accredited. Hernandez said SLO’s will now be elements of the COR. 

“I think it’s a really odd and potentially dangerous place for the senate to start weighing in on when departments can choose to update parts of a course outline… I don’t think the senate has any role to say, ‘You can only update an SLO when we think it’s okay,’” said Steve Wardinski, senator of the curriculum committee. 

Most of the committee agreed that no more senate involvement should be added because there would be no basis for trying to set a date for SLO changes. Hernandez said as the school goes through this transition, the technical review process will change. There will now be certain fields in the COR where SLO’s will be entered. He said that as a senate they adopted the technical review process, which will now be obsolete.

“The Learning Assessment Committee and Learning Assessment Office want to ensure that we’re developing a workflow that maintains the directions and wishes of the senate, but we also have to ensure that we’re validating, technically reviewing the quality and consistency of SLO’s on campus,” said Rick Crawford, senator of the LAC.

Guided pathways has also begun reinventing themselves and will now call meta majors, Career and Academic Pathways.

“We are still in the preliminary stages of planning, but the idea is to have several folks per CAP team. Including but not limited to a data coach, a guided pathways facilitator, a student ambassador and a counselor or two… as well as disciplined faculty,” said Apri Festekjian, a guided pathways facilitator.

The idea is to have a CAP team and a student success team work together in order to achieve faculty involvement, counseling and financial aid. Festekjian said the merging of the two teams will create asset and equity minded individuals who will work together.

They are also releasing a set of program maps which will be uploaded within the next two weeks. Jessica Hansen, a guided pathways co-facilitator, said they are exploring program mapper to get more of a customized map as opposed to just dumping data in and the computer doing the work.

“We’re going to have really valuable information for department chairs and departments. They’re going to work with those counselor liaisons again so that they can tweak the map in small ways that might make a great impact for students,” said Hansen.

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