Quarantine puts a strain on students’ minds, need to stay motivated

By Melvin Bui

Staying at home during quarantine can cause students to lose motivation in their school work due to the repetitive routines and lack of socialization. These are some things people can do to stay motivated and healthy in quarantine. 

Something people can do to clear their minds and relax is to take a break when needed. Taking breaks allows the body and brain to unwind, this can cause the accumulated stress to disappear in a matter of moments. It’s important for people to not allow their external problems affect their personal lives. 

Some people are motivated by their peers, the competitive atmosphere makes them strive to the best of their ability. The stay at home orders has caused many of these students to lose their vigor in studying due to the lack of socialization and recognition of effort. Some people feed off of the energy around them and with no one around this leaves them in an awkward position. Students can call or text their friends and loved ones when they need some reassurance and moral support. 

Checking in on people during times of peril is crucial because everyone is in a fight or flight type of mentality,  since no one wants to become sick. Checking in on people doesn’t require face to face interaction as people are used to, but getting in contact  by any means possible to let the other person know that they are still important and cherished. Sometimes it means the world to people when you check in and talk to see if they’re going through any rough patches.

Making a weekly schedule or making a planner could help stressed out students manage their time better. When there’s enough time to work without rushing, stress is almost nowhere to be found. It’s helpful to make a schedule or to-do-list because it doesn’t require much thought to think of what task is about to come next. This can make their days go by quickly without having to worry about forgetting something.

“I am trying to stay on a steady schedule where I work on the same days each week to get my stuff done. My motivation during quarantine has been to pass my classes so I will be able to transfer in the Fall to a Cal State,” said ELAC student Albert Meija.

Some students are using this time to bond with friends and loved ones to stay healthy and mentally composed. It’s important to take care of oneself before helping other people with their problems. Talking to friends and loved ones can help motivate and remind someone that they are not alone in this epidemic.

Some people aren’t able to focus because of the lack of nutrition from not eating throughout the day, so setting alarms or meal prepping can help remind people to eat food for energy. Having snacks or fruit can be a great alternative for those who aren’t too keen on big meals. Staying hydrated can help ensure people’s good health. It helps body movement when someone is dehydrated. 

It’s hard for some people to think while being at home all day during quarantine. Going for a stroll or stretching can help blood flow, which makes people breathe more oxygen. A breath of fresh air can help clear people’s minds. “I still workout daily, take walks out so that I get fresh air and I usually interact with my family and cat,” said ELAC student Aidan Soriano. 

Listening to music can help people focus and forget about their problems. This is the perfect time for people to look for new albums or genres of music to explore. They can talk to friends and ask for some music recommendations, this can also be another way for someone to get some socialization during quarantine.  

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