‘Unpregnant’ places focus on abortion struggles

By Cassidy Reyna

HBO Max’s original film “Unpregnant” is a boisterous teen film that sends an important message that is relevant in current times.
The film follows two teenage girls, Veronica Clarke and Bailey Butler. The girls were at one time best friends but grew apart during their teen years.
Clarke finds out she is pregnant while taking a pregnancy test in the school bathroom. Butler happens to walk in as Clarke drops the test which skids across the floor to Butler’s feet.
Clarke soon finds out that in the state of Missouri, as well as other states surrounding her, parental consent is required to have the abortion done.
Clarke realizes she will need to go across state lines to Albuquerque, New Mexico to get the procedure done.
With Butler being the only person who knows about her pregnancy, she asks her for help and they embark on the road trip together.
The girls take this weekend to rekindle their childhood friendship as if nothing ever happened.
From the beginning of their journey with Butler stealing her mother’s boyfriend’s car, to attempting to jump on trains and hitch rides to get to Albuquerque the pair grows closer.
During the movie, the girls even go to a carnival. While there, they have the time of their lives’ bonding over their personal struggles.
Clarke is an Ivy League-bound scholar and popular girl at their high school. Since Clarke is one of the popular students, she has her own clique.
Veronica Clarke wants to keep her pregnancy a secret, which ultimately leads to her decision to get an abortion.
Bailey Butler is a boisterous, and edgy character, who is the outsider at their high school.
Many students are embarrassed to associate themselves with her, so Butler tends to be alone at school.
The film takes the serious topic of abortion into a lighthearted, enjoyable and understanding film.
Considering the country’s current political climate, the movie can cause controversy due to the topic of abortion on the film’s trailer.
This is shown through the likes and dislikes of the trailer on Youtube. However, it has rated pretty well on Rotten Tomatoes.
This movie is not for everyone as it shines a light on the pro-choice perspective.
“Unpregnant” is meant to show the reality of what it’s like for women who are unable to get an abortion in a restrictive state. Although it is comedic, it is still reality.
Clarke does not want to derail the plans for her future at Brown University, and many young women today can relate to that.
Even though this film is about pro-choice, those with different perspectives can possibly see abortions or birth control in a different light.
The film emphasizes the fact that sexual health clinics are necessary and should not be limited.
Sexual health clinics like Planned Parenthood not only help those who need abortion, but they provide sexual education and more for those who need it.
Shining a light on this topic is prevalent as today many actions of the government are unprecedented and easily take the right to what a woman can do with her body.
Overall, HBO Max’ “Unpregnant” is enjoyable and informative, especially to those who are unaware of the importance of facilities like Planned Parenthood.
Some audiences may not like it due to its pro-choice nature, but it is a very light-hearted movie that sends a message about the realities of restrictions of abortions.

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