Xbox pricing misstep

By Jonathan Bermudez

Xbox tweeted out the official prices for the new Xbox Series X along with release date.
To my surprise, it’s about $55 cheaper than last generation Xbox to come out.
It came out on September 22 and is supposed to be better than any console they ever made.
An article on the price release written by Logan Moore for the website Dualshockers reports that it wasn’t supposed to be announced the way it was.
Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, said “Great to see the reactions, really proud of how the team handled the unscripted announce (was supposed to be next week but oh well…).”
Even though the announcement came sooner than they expected, I can see why they wanted to wait.
With the prices released for the Xbox Series X, Playstation released theirs and what a convenient surprise that it’s the same price.
It feels like Sony waited for Microsoft to release their prices just so they could come up with the same prices.
Originally the PS5 was supposed to be more expensive, but that changed when Microsoft came out with a cheaper console.
It seems pretty petty of Sony to wait for Microsoft to make a move when the Playstation 5 has been announced since way before the Series X.
The real reason Xbox announced the prices was because they got leaked, but they still appreciate their community and made them official, which got everyone stoked. Playstation didn’t announce their prices for months while their community begged for it.
Instead of listening to their community, they waited for Xbox, choosing marketing tactics over their fan base, which Xbox did not.
With the release of the new consoles, Xbox and Playstation are coming out with cheaper versions of their new console, but only Xbox did it right.
The Series S, which is the cheaper option, is smaller than any console Xbox has produced, and unlike other Xboxes, there is no CD drive.
When the Series X and the Series S are out together, there is a big difference in what you are paying for.
It seems like Sony got lazy in design but had to do something for the cheaper price, so they just removed the CD drive from the original design.
There is no distinction on what you are buying with the PS5. The only big difference is it’s cheaper.
Why pay $500 for something that you can get for $200 cheaper, where the only difference is you can’t play games with a physical disc.
It’s like Sony is assuming that both Playstations are going to sell the same, when in reality most are going to buy the cheaper option.
With Xbox, you’re paying for something that is different.
There is no telling how these consoles are going to do when they come out, but I’m going to pick Xbox over the Playstation any day.

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