New bill of rights redefines policies

By Daniella Molina

A virtual ceremonial signing of the LBGTQIA+ Bill of Rights occurred during the board meeting. 

The Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees met to discuss the new LBGTQIA+ bill of rights and commemorate educators that passed away in recent weeks. 

ELAC Sociology Professor Rin Kahla was a guest speaker on the topic. “I am a product of community college. I started longer than, probably most of you. And I have lived my life as an out lesbian and as somebody, as someone who puts themself out there for other people to come and feel supported. I am emotional because I never thought I’d live to see this,” Kahla said. 

“A long awaited accomplishment for the district, faculty and students. with the new Bill of rights was voted on and received a unanimous decision “yes” from all board members of the meeting,” Kahla said. 

The Bill of Rights will be implemented in the coming weeks throughout the district. 

The LACCD and American Federation of Teachers Local 1521 Facility Guild members collaborated to sign an agreement on Zoom.

  LACCD Chancellor Franciso Rodriquez invited participants to view the virtually signed agreement which, was displayed on a shared screen via zoom. 

“What this does is it captures the excellent work by our faculty colleges, our district administration in reaching a tentative agreement for the next three years as it relates to our bargaining agreement. Our successor agreement with AFT 1521-A. We are very, very proud of this,” Rodriguez said.  

These agreements define LACCD employee rights and student interest regulations in the Los Angeles Community College district.

“I want to thank our partners who moved with us every step of the way to create this document that is our 15th bargaining agreement,” AFT President Joanne Waddell said. 

East Los Angeles College Interim President Alberto Roman thanked the negotiation team members of East Los Angeles College representatives.  

“It’s always been an honor and pleasure to work with our faculty. We have a very collaborative way of doing business. I actually think we had a really good outcome in this round of negotiations. Both for faculty as well as the district. But most importantly in the best interest of our students,” Roman said. 

LACCD President of the board Andrea Hoffman announced the names of fellow educators who died in the recent weeks. 

They had a moment of silence toward the end as a sign of respect to the deceased. 

Law Professor David Jordan from Mission College, Dr. Alma Salazar who served as the executive Vice President of UNITE LA and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  

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