Abortion is not for men to decide

By Melvin Bui

When Vice President Mike Pence was asked how he’d react if Roe vs. Wade was overturned during the  vice-presidential debate this past Wednesday. He avoided the question and said that he was “unapologetically pro-life” 

 If people really care about saving someone’s life, then they should support the pro-choice movement, since it saves a person from a lifetime of troubles. People who don’t want children can torment and traumatize their babies, making them grow up estranged. Not everyone has the time to have a child and put them up for adoption, so an abortion can save them alot of grief.

Pence told Senator Kamala Harris to stop playing politics with people’s lives during the debate last Wednesday. Which seems kind of ironic, because his policies have incarcerated people and torn families apart.  

Abortions were illegal in most of the United States until the Roe v. Wade’s case was decided in 1970 and was enacted in January of 1973. It was a historic case for women and gave them the right and privacy to have an abortion without any legal repercussions.

Before Roe v. Wade: the Therapeutic Abortion Act helped revised abortion laws. It was introduced during the late 1960s and was enacted by three states: California, Colorado and North Carolina. The bill was introduced because state legislatures felt that only permitting abortions for life-threatening situations was unconstitutional. 

Although it has been legal for almost half a century, there is still a strong opposition against abortion primarily because of religious beliefs. Making abortions illegal does not prevent people from aborting babies. People that are in dire situations will find a way regardless, so making it illegal would not work and only make it more dangerous.

The woman who has been nominated for Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, is a conservative with strong religious views. The possibility of her overturning the historic Roe v. Wade is a possibility and leaves many Americans in peril. 

When Barrett’s home state implemented bills that supported abortion, she sided with the the opposing side. Men that support the pro-life movement are sexist and do not care about women’s rights. They are ignorant and want women to be submissive so that they can maintain the stigma against abortion. 

 There has been trigger-laws passed by conservative states that prevent people from having abortions. Trigger-laws are enacted by state legislatures to show their disapproval of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution. 

 Alabama signed the Human Life Act bill on May 15, 2019. It stated that women can not have an abortion under any circumstance, even when impregnated by rape or incest. Bills like this only benefit perpetrators and disregards victims of sexual assault.

Other conservative states still oppose abortions, however. It is legal but has more restrictions than other states. For instance, abortion is not allowed after a certain amount of weeks and can only happen at a hospital, not an abortion clinic. 

Pence’s nonchalant behavior shows how little he cares about abortions and how he wouldn’t mind making them illegal again.  Men should not have a say in what women decide to do with their bodies. Men need to realize that if it’s not their body, it is none of their concern.

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