“The Mandalorian” is back and ready to excite fans with missions and antics from The Child

By Brenda De La Cruz

Season two of The Mandalorian brings its viewers a mix of action, suspense and laughter all at once.
Viewers who binge watched season one surely remember the calm, cool and collected energy the Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal, brings to the table. The lone bounty hunter continues his quest this season with the child at his side, all while running into bumps on the road along the way.
In episode one, “The Marshal,” our protagonist sets out to find others of his kind, but instead runs into another side quest to help others. The episode is also an homage to classic Cowboys and Indians stories.
While the entire show surrounds itself in a desert-like location, the graphics involved say otherwise.
The characters, the vehicles used, the monsters being fought, all look the way it would have looked in any of the “Star Wars” movies.
Guest Star Timothy Olyphant, known for his roles in the FX show “Justified” and horror film “The Crazies,” has a role which die hard fans will appreciate in the season two opener.
The second episode titled “The Passenger” sees the Mandalorian continue his search for his own kind, only this time traveling with an added passenger. Trouble ensues, as expected, and the Mandalorian must act quick with damaged gear in order to live and see another day.
Entrusted with the safety of not only the child, but also his new passenger, he must act quick and smart. The graphics look especially great in this episode and they almost give a bit of anxiety due to how real they make things look.
Viewers can expect to both laugh and be at the edge of their seat with this episode.
The latest episode to air is “The Heiress” and is a much rather short episode of only 36 minutes, compared to other episodes which can range from 40-52 minutes.
While the first two episodes had a little less on the guest star action, this episode brings old characters to light. Viewers follow the Mandalorian on what seems to be his never ending quest, only this time he is aided by unexpected allies.
Viewers and “Star Wars” super-fans will enjoy a special guest star in this episode, along with great fight scenes and action.
So far, “The Mandalorian” brings action and wittiness to its audience not only through its special effects, but also through its comedic interactions between characters and especially through the child, or as many know him, baby Yoda.
Pascal’s acting continues to shine as he is able to channel his character into life through a believable and entertaining performance. The show also brings about good chemistry among characters with its many noticeable guest stars and their impressive backgrounds.
Looking back at season one, this season has started off a bit slow in comparison. While there is action, there have not been as many supporting characters as before. Granted, this is only three episodes in and if season one had viewers hooked, one can be sure season 2 has more to come for those die-hard “Star Wars” fans.
Episode 4 of season 2 will be available on Nov. 20 via the Disney+ platform.

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