ASU meeting introduces recently approved clubs

By: Paul Medina

Five new clubs were chartered during Friday’s East Los Angeles Student Union meeting.

One of the newly chartered clubs, the ISA will serve with the purpose to help international students adapt to a new lifestyle in America. It will serve to enhance their chances of being accepted to Cal States, UCs, and other universities. ISA plans on meeting Friday afternoons.

College wide events are a staple of the Associated Student Union. They operate a budget of $294,000 for the fiscal year of 2020-2021. 

Those funds are derived from the optional student services fee, paid by countless students every semester. The budget is used to plan and fund events throughout the academic year. 

The meeting was chaired by ASU President Yuxuan Bai and overseen by adviser Sonia Lopez, current Dean of Student Services. The student-led meeting, which took place on Wednesday Nov. 25, instead of its normal time slot was held via Zoom, consisting of executive officers, and senators. 

The meeting served as the central organization of student led activities and affairs at ELAC. Bai oversaw many actions in the meeting including the chartering of many clubs such as: International Student Association (ISA), Math and Science, Puente, Roots of Stem and Vietnamese Club.

During a traditional year, you can find ASU activities throughout campus. ASU conducts events and activities directly, in collaboration with other clubs and departments. They also fund various events on campus.

“faculty have suggested wanting an in person meeting and receptive with limited guests”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ASU has been forced to shift many of its events online. Vincent Bagabaldo, ASU Senator, said a Christmas sweater contest will be held. Entries for the event will end on December 13 with the winner to be announced on December 22 via ASU’s Instagram page.                                                                                                                                           

The ASU government is comprehensive. Members attend student, faculty, and administration run committee meetings such as the ELAC Shared Governance Council and South Gate College Council. South Gate campus ASU Vice President Wendy G. Aguilar spoke about attending the latest South Gate College Council meeting. 

She said ASU’s task on the South Gate campus is to identify South Gate and provide them promotional items at an upcoming giveaway. 

There was mention of the hotspot policy which will soon be implemented allowing students the ability to use  Wi-Fi on campus at designated locations.

Parking lot 4 at main campus appears to be a tentative location for the hotspot usage, while the South Gate Campus’  main parking lot will be the location. 

The hours of operation and logistics for the hotspot are still in the planning stage. Senator Polly Ren debriefed on the recent graduation committee meeting in which students and faculty have suggested wanting an in-person meeting and reception with limited guests, but students are still waiting to hear back from the district to hear what will happen.

An update was made on the district’s selection of the future ELAC President, currently occupied by an interim President. The five finalists were announced during the ESGC meeting. 

A town hall forum is scheduled on Dec. 3 at 12:30 p.m. where students can ask questions and provide input on the selection of the finalists. 

This past Monday’s meeting, Bai said that ELAC will continue to seek membership with the Umoja Community. The community serves as a resource to improve the experience for African American students which currently exists in many campuses throughout the district. 

Former ASU board member Pedro Flores encourages students to become active on campus and highly encourages them to join ASU. 

He was drawn to student government by having the ability to combine the two things he really liked: education and the passion to help others. Students looking to become involved in clubs, organizations, or in campus involvement the next ASU meeting is scheduled for Dec. 11 via Zoom. 

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