Book Review : Home Body by Rupi Kaur

By: Cynthia Solis

New York Times Bestselling Author Rupi Kaur’s new poetry book, “Home Body,” is a must-read because of the simple, powerful themes it focuses on.

“Home Body” is the third collection of poetry and illustrations by Kaur, whose previous works include Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers; they are both #1 New York Times and international bestsellers, which have sold more than 8 million copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 40 languages. 

Published November 17, 2020, “Home Body” is essentially a reflective guide that urges readers to look at the past, present, and future of the reader’s lives in the hope to grow and learn from past experiences to see the potential we all have in ourselves. Kaur looks at all aspects of life: family, mental health, femininity, love, and acceptance. Similar to her past poetry books, she follows similar themes of love, loss, trauma, healing, and the heroic journey of accepting oneself. 

When promoting her new book, Kaur posted on Instagram,”‘ Home Body’ is a love letter to the self. I began writing this book at a time I felt completely lost in both my inner and outer world. “Home Body” is about what broke my heart. And what put it back together”. Although she wrote about some personal events that happened to her when she was a child, much of the book (or all) is hugely relatable and reminds you that good always prevails and “[You] are not your worse days, [you] are not what happened to [you]” (page 30).

As soon as the reader gets the book, they may notice how elegant yet straightforward the cover was. It induces a sort of serene feeling from within, similarly to how one may feel when they think of their safe place. Interestingly, Kaur also designed and drew the cover. 

Once one picks up the book, it will be hard to put it down. While reading, it urges the reader to think about their personal experiences and how much the poems relate to their life; it also reassures the reader that things would get better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

“Home Body” was a quick read and is being raved about by many. There are several unique themes focused on throughout the book, so there is certainly something relatable for everyone. As someone who could have suffered a trauma, it reminds the reader not to let these things consume them, but rather fill up on the good stuff in life-love, having a community, embracing change, and striving to love themselves rather than seeking validation from others.  

One of the reasons this is such a good book is because of Kaur’s writing style. She is very articulate, making all her poems extremely easy to understand. But how she writes is extremely declamatory; each feeling she discusses is deep and can be felt greatly. 

Looking at the book as a whole, the illustrations found on most of the pages are just as powerful as the words found on them. Each sketch is minimalistic but very well done and fits with the poem’s message on a much deeper level. For example, Kaur writes, 

“I want someone who is, Inspired by my brilliance  Not threatened by it,” and pairs it with two flowers in close proximity, with two of their leaves touching. This simple drawing makes the reader think of so many things that the words alone don’t cause one to ponder; the pictures do too. 

In all three of her poetry books, she pairs her aphoristic poems with drawings, similar to what one may find in an old school book. She also focuses on similar themes. Not surprisingly, as she continues to hone her craft, the poems get better. As an avid fan of Rupi Kaur, “Home Body” will certainly not disappoint, and as a new fan, this poetry book will turn you on to Kaur’s other works and dozens of amazing poetry books written by other young Instagram poets.

In conclusion, “Home Body” should be on everyone’s book wish-list because the artistry and poems are definitely worth the transcending feeling it gives the reader. 

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