Hulu’s “Run” was Predictable

By: Grace Rodriguez

RUN (2020) 

Rated: PG-13 

Genre: Thriller/Mystery 

Cast: Sarah Paulson, Kierra Allen, Onalee Ames, Pat Healy, Eric Athavale, Sara Sohn, Bradley Sawatzky, Steve Pacaud, Carter Heinz, Conan Hodgkinson, Clark Webster, Derek James Trapp

Director: Aneesh Chaganti 

Rating: 6/10

Release Date: November 20, 2020 

Streaming Service: Hulu 

“Run” had the potential to be an exciting quarantine movie with a crazy twist, unfortunately this thriller was anything but unpredictable. But with many plot holes and extreme predictability, the acting stands out as spectacular. 

The movie was directed by Aneesh Chaganti and was released on November 20, 2020 to streaming service Hulu. 

Diane Sherman (Sarah Paulson) is the mother of Chloe Sherman (Kierra Allen). The movie takes place primarily in their home- where Diane is for the most part confined to due to her disability. Diane is quick in expressing her overprotectiveness of Chloe. The audience is taken to a scene of the loving pair and the story explains why it is reasonable for Diane to be such an overprotective mother. When the dynamic changes and the daughter slowly begins questioning her mother’s actions, the plot takes a turn for the worst.

Sarah Paulson does a stellar job at portraying a crazed overprotective mother alongside co-star Kierra Allen. Paulson and Allen compliment each other’s style of acting well.

Given Paulson’s history as an established and successful actress- having starred in every season of “American Horror Story” as well as “Ratched.” It might be assumed by fanatics of Paulson that young co-star Kierra Allen might not be able to keep up but that is far from the truth. Kierra Allen plays her role passionately and convincingly.

Although the movie has its shortcomings, overall, it is a good pick. For people who are familiar with medicine, this movie is probably not for you. Coming to terms with the fact that the shocking revelation could be messed up by prior knowledge of pharmaceuticals, or even a simple google search, is tough.

The amount of clueless characters is concerning throughout the movie. 

There are several instances in the movie where poor continuity is showcased but all of these elements are hard to spot if you are not an avid movie fanatic.

While the plot is predictable and not realistic, the cast was chosen perfectly. The acting really carries the plot.

This thriller’s marketing team also chose a fitting streaming service to air the movie on. With its target audience evidently being teens based on its rating of PG-13, Hulu was a great choice.

It loses points in originality, for a more seasoned audience however, for its young audience, the twist can make viewers give out an involuntary gasp.

Its release on a streaming service does give the movie a good selling point. For people who already have a Hulu account it is relatively free.

Without much competition in new releases due to the pandemic, it’s safe to say viewers won’t regret watching it.

The film touches on strong subjects such as: suicide, disabilities, kidnapping, and manipulation.

All in all, to pass the time and simply for entertainment, it is definitely worth a watch. For those stuck at home during quarantine this thriller will not disappoint.

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