Musical tribute to Kabwe Chanda

By: Julianna Valdivia

      Los Angeles City College put together a wonderful and emotional tribute in honor of the late Kabwe Chanda. The concert was shared publicly to many outside of LACC to help celebrate Chanda’s life and presence that he had during his time of work. 

       Every semester the music faculty at L.A. City College put together a concert. Tonight LACCD City College music staff made the decision to dedicate this concert to Chanda and have the concert open available so many other people are allowed to enjoy.

      The president of L.A. City College PhD. Mary Gallagher started the livestream to give a statement on how special this event was to the faculty. Gallagher began with how much of Chanda was to work with.  He was very cherished by everyone that he worked with. 

        For over a year, Chanda was the I.T. manager for L.A. City College. Gallagher made a note that Chanda was not only remarkable with his work but with how he helped positively affect others on campus. Chanda had a mission to serve the campus the best way he could.       

        Chanda’s wife Pamela and son Noah were able to join for the evening to help celebrate his life. Gallagher thanked the L.A. City faculty and to everyone that joined. 

        The concert started with the chair of the L.A. City College music department Dr. Christien Park with a message that all of the music played was Chanda’s favorites and a message of condolences. The concert was very good with the quality of the livestream and production throughout the entire concert. The concert was easy to follow and was very enjoyable. 

      The music staff made sure to label every soloist with the piece that they were doing and who was performing it. The concert was emotional, the passion behind the project was very positive considering the circumstances. 

      The concert was very good at switching between genres. It gave a good sense of who Chanda was musically wise. It was a good way to build some sort of connection with Chanda throughout the concert to see who he was as a person.

      It was a good gesture that the concert stopped halfway into their program to give their condolences again to Chanda and his family. The Concert gave a very good rendition of Disney’s “Remember Me.” It was very touching and well put together. It was very clever and smart  to film the song cover as a compilation video with multiple professors does their part for the song. 

      There was some lag through the concert considering it was live streamed and had multiple performances going live from home. It was not terrible but did cause very distracting stagnant movement during the performances. 

       The atmosphere of the entire concert was very focused and attentive. Everyone that performed gave good renditions of the pieces that they were performing. It showed their dedication to the added meaning for the event. 

      No performance was dull to watch. Every piece was different from the last and helped create a good mood for the concert. It had a wonderful variety of music that was special to Chanda. In all the performance was dedicated to his life and L.A. City College delivered a wonderful concert in his name.

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