Stay at home order not practical

By: Grecia Rodriguez

COVID-19 cases are on the rise and the new “stay at home” order is our government’s call to action.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s so-called “Stay at Home Order” is far from what the name suggests. The order mandates a curfew from 10 p.m. -5 a.m.

This futile attempt to minimize the damage of the pandemic is worrisome. 

Our government is acting like a business, ready with yellow caution signs, to ensure no lawsuits with the most delicate subject matter they have to deal with- a pandemic.

A curfew was previously imposed in the early stages of the spread starting at 8pm. There are several issues with this but here is probably the most important. Why is this new curfew set at a later time?

Residents cannot help but question this. Is our safety in mind or is our governor’s reputation more important?

 It would be much worse for Newsom’s reputation if he simply did nothing about the rising cases- this would not be far off from what this mandate does, close to nothing.

The curfew misses many points. Most businesses already close at 10 p.m. Most essential businesses that are open this late have very little customers after 10 p.m. 

So it begs the question who is this for?

If it was put into place to combat bars and clubs, perhaps ask them to shut down and fine them if they do not comply. Or make any other protocol that can actually be enforced.

Another equally important and disappointing point to make is the fact that Newsom received criticism for going to a dinner party just a few weeks before imposing the new order. FOXLA spotted the governor at the Napa dinner party, not following COVID-19 protocol on November 6. The photo was released on November 19 and can be found on FOXLA’s twitter.

To put it into perspective, this was just one day before our peak in cases on November 20. On this day alone there were 13,727 cases in Los Angeles County. Passing the record peak at 11,877 cases on August 11.

The problem is this comes down to the fact that he is not just someone in government, it is our governor, the man also imposing the new stay at home order. 

If he undermines his own protocol, what is to stop other people from doing the same. Someone might see this as a sign that the pandemic is to be taken lightly.

At the end of the day some people will not take this mandate seriously if our own officials cannot contain themselves from hosting and attending dinner parties.

A few working students share their perspectives and agree that the curfew seems useless. They also recount a few stories of instances in their jobs when customers could not be bothered to wear a mask.

If we want quarantine to end we have to start taking these things seriously.

Lastly, we have to remember that when a new order goes into effect, people panic shop and traffic increases.

Would we be in the same place as we would have been had there been a curfew imposed or not? Perhaps.

Had the governor followed his own protocol and mandates, I would definitely have sympathy for him. 

After all it would come across as trying to protect Angelinos. However, when you hypocritically go to a party just one day before your “Stay at Home” order, we can not help but question who the mandate was for.

We need protocols that can actually be enforced. Until then, let us remember to wear a mask for those we care about.

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