Theme parks should reopen soon

By Brenda De La Cruz

Theme parks are getting ready to reopen, which may be good for society as a whole.
Since the pandemic hit the world, many businesses were hit hard leaving many hanging by a thread to survive.
As most know, when COVID-19 became a global crisis many people were either laid off or had to adapt to working from home.
Others continued to work in person if they were considered “essential workers.”  Many hospitals became overwhelmed with patients during surges of cases of Covid, which saw many hospital employees working overtime with little time off.
Other essential work included jobs at grocery stores, banks, transportation and child care. What doesn’t count as essential during a global pandemic? Theme parks.
Many theme parks have been closed for well over a year now. Despite having tons of money, they most likely lost out on a lot of it coming in through customers roaming their property simply having a blast.
Then there are the employees who lost their jobs because of Covid who were affected by the income loss.
Reopening theme parks may seem scary to some because the U.S.  is still very much dealing with this virus, but vaccines have been distributed recently and continue to be  distributed.
Reopening will also give many people their much needed employment back, along with benefits some may have lost and childcare that may have been needed.
Another benefit to reopening theme parks is the increase of money going into the economy, not only through the theme park’s profits but by providing their employees with an income who will then turn around and spend it on needs and wants, thus adding to our economy. 
One major change that also came along with Covid was the decline in many people’s mental health once they found out they could not spend time with friends or loved ones or even make a living.
The pandemic shattered dreams such as saving up to move out,and the chance to attend college through organized sports in order to make it to the university to make it big in the world. Some began battling depression, while other progress regressed due to isolation and social distancing.
Reopening theme parks can give many the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family they may not have seen in a year. It can also slowly bring them out of their depression, and now, possibly, a new bout of anxiety.
Running around at opened theme parks will also give people a workout and add to their physical activity that most possibly missed out on while many businesses, and at one point even trails, were closed to the public.
While it is understandable that many may fear the idea of businesses such as theme parks reopening while a pandemic continues to test us as a society, the world should not remain in fear forever.
It’ll be fun and much needed to ride a rollercoaster and scream out all your stressors and worries and then wash it down with a delicious treat at your favorite theme park.

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