Biden advocates for stricter gun restrictions

By Leonardo Cervantes

President Joe Biden’s Covid relief plan was overshadowed by yet another mass shooting. In March there were two mass shootings that made headlines. 

On March 16, Robert Aaron Long was the alleged shooter at three separate Atlanta spas, killing 8 people. On March 22, the alleged shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa was arrested after killing 10 people.

 Mass shootings in America have sadly become a common occurrence. On March 23, Biden originally thought he would be talking about his Covid relief plan but some unfortunate events changed that. The reality is that it is impossible to eliminate gun deaths entirely, but stricter gun laws will ensure there are fewer casualties. 

To acquire an automatic weapon, buyers must go to great lengths in order to qualify. Having a clean record would be necessary and asking buyers for basic info like where they work and live would also be necessary. Buyers must go into great depths of background checks on the guns they’re trying to purchase, and if done correctly, are bound to reduce mass shootings. 

“In an average year, gun violence in America kills nearly 40,000 people, injures more than twice as many, and costs our nation $280 billion,” said everytownresearch.

On April 8, President Biden announced executive orders on gun control. 

“We should ban assault weapons with high-capacity magazines in this country,” he said. 

One of Biden’s immediate plans of action is reigning in ghost guns. Ghost guns are guns that are homemade which come in a premade kit and the civilian just needs to finish building it. 

“These ghost guns do not have a serial number and that means they can’t be traced,” Biden said. 

If anybody commits a crime with a ghost gun they are less likely to be caught. In order to buy the ghost gun kit, buyers do not need to pass a background check.

“I want to see these kits treated as firearms. Under the gun control act, it’s going to require the sellers and manufacturers to make the key parts with serial numbers and run background checks on the buyers when they walk in to buy the kit,” Biden said. 

Biden also wants to treat pistols modified with stabilizing braces with the seriousness they deserve. A pistol with a stabilizing brace is essentially more accurate than a rifle, which is what the alleged shooter in Boulder, Colorado appeared to have done.  Biden wants to make it easier for states to adopt extreme risk protection order laws, also called red flag laws. 

“These laws allow a family member or police to petition a court in their jurisdiction and say I want them to temporarily remove from the following people any firearms they may possess because they are a danger whether to themselves or others,” Biden said. 

These increment changes can go a long way if they are properly executed. Hundreds of lives a year can be saved with these new proposed actions.

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