Jeans are the main suspect in cheesy movie

By Brenda De La Cruz

If you’re in the mood for a cheesy, somewhat funny film and inspiring message, look no further, because “Slaxx” is it.

The film centers around a pair of form-fitting jeans that turn out to be, wait for it, killer jeans. Not killer as in trendy, but killer as in murderous. That’s right. The pair of jeans is somehow possessed or powered by something the employees at Canadian Cotton Clothiers (CCC) don’t understand.

The pair of jeans appears to have some sort of vendetta it is after and obtains this by killing those near it as much as possible. However, it can be calmed enough to “talk” to it through the sound of Bollywood music.

 The film does make an attempt at sending out a heartfelt message to the public about GMOs and the dangers of using them, as well as child labor and basically just being a good human being.

 The Canadian film is directed by Elza Kephart and the cast includes Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani and Kenny Wong among the top-billed.  

 While the poster board itself can give off a ‘90s look and feel, the movie is a bit corny and annoying as it progresses. It feels like a joke but a joke the writer may not know is occurring. It has comedic scenes but hardly anything worth talking about.

The acting is not terrible and while the actors have the potential to shine elsewhere, they absolutely do not shine in this film.

 Overall, this film is one that many would probably not mind missing out on. 

Only watch this if another pandemic starts and there is literally nothing else to watch.

“Slaxx” can be streamed on either Amazon or Shudder and runs 77 minutes. 

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