ASU president candidate focused on marginalized students

By Daniella Molina

READY TO SERVE—Candidate for Associated Student Union president Paul Medina. Election is taking place from April 26-30 via SIS portal.

Paul Medina is a first-generation student running for East Los Angeles College ASU president.

 Medina’s current academic goals are to double major in Economics and Asian studies. He is also part of ASU as Inter Club Council Chief Delegate. 

Medina has been active with several campus clubs and programs at ELAC. 

He is a current member of ELAC Campus News and  has been part of the speech team, the fire technology program and participated in the summer Shakespeare Academy within the Theater Department. He helped coordinate a rally in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in this year.

Medina aspires as ASU president to become the student’s voice.

 His vision includes greater paths that will assist students to continue in school, thrive and transfer despite the pandemic. 

In the past Medina lobbied in the hallways of the state capitol. He plans to do the same for students within the Los Angeles community college district. 

Medina said “The past 12 months have been tough on people. Obviously, there’s been a lot of adversities, a lot of difficult situations. I feel that I am the best -qualified leader right now, to lead the associated student body and be the student voice, during these tough times.”

 “I stand up when times are tough. I am a person that comes from value, gratitude and helping people. During the toughest times, I can overcome adversity. I am high in integrity. I do the right thing when no one’s looking, which is something crucial to what people need right now.” 

Medina believes that advocating for programs is pivotal for the success of historically marginalized communities.

Medina has a close relationship with his mother, which helps inspire his plans to fight for women’s groups. 

He also would like to tackle issues with  financial aid, formerly incarcerated students and the LGBTQ community.  

Medina plans to close the gap of inequalities for all students, taking special consideration to students who are disabled, veterans or returning to ELAC after years of hiatus.

“I feel that I can best understand the school, the needs, the programs, the departments. Rest assured that you are in good hands, ELAC students” said Medina. 

Medina was employed with an ambulance company for 10 years.

He has realized his passion is education and helping people within the community. He is now focusing on ways to engage with students so they know there are individuals who care about them and their experience at ELAC.

Medina hopes to be elected as ASU President so he can build an amicable relationship between the college and students. 

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