‘Thunder Force’ pairs childhood friends as superheroes

By Erica Cortez

Netflix’s new comedy superhero movie, “Thunder Force” is a family film filled with laughter, peculiarity and cliche friendship issues.

This movie is based in Chicago with Emily Stanton, played by Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, creating a formula to give superhuman strength and invisibility to help fight miscreants. 

Miscreants are a super villain clan taking over the streets of Chicago. 

Stanton’s childhood best friend Lydia, played by the very funny Melissa McCarthy, visits and tries to convince her to come to a high school reunion.

After failing to convince Stanton, Lydia wanders off in the lab and accidentally takes half of the formula.

This accident helps Emily make the decision to use the other half of the formula to get powers of her own. 

The pair become the superhero team named, “The Thunder Force.”

The movie has many funny scenes. It uses the characters’ balance, Spencer is introverted while McCarthy is extroverted, for comedic effect. 

Viewers also see an odd love-interest for Lydia, Mccarthy’s character. Jason Bateman plays Jerry, the antagonist’s abomination sidekick with crab arms who falls in love with Lydia. 

Bateman and McCarthy have starred together before  in “Identity Thief,” where they hate each other throughout the entire plot. 

This made the love bubble a unique take, opposite from the previous movie they worked on. 

Although this story has its many hilarious moments, there are some serious moments and life lessons. 

Spencer’s character is portrayed as a sheltered single mother. 

This leads to her keeping her daughter Tracy, played by Taylor Mosby, from the outside world. 

The audience sees their relationship grow because Lydia is there to give her advice . Thia allows Staton open up more with her daughter.  

We also see the friendship grow between Lydia and Emily. 

Their friendship evolves from best friends to where they end up at the end of the movie with some twists and turns. 

Viewers see the reconciliation between these two childhood best friends. 

This film has many known songs that highlight the dorky plots and badass superhero moments. Songs such as “Dreams” by The Cranberries, “It’s a Long Way to the Top” by ACDC and “Here I Go Again” by White Snake bring this enjoyable movie together. 

This movie has a parallel tone to movies like “Shazam” and “Captain Marvel.” 

All three movies have a superhero built, not born. 

Having these powers allows them to use their abilities to help loved ones and re-build friendships along the way. 

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