‘Things Heard & Seen’ dissapoints horror fans

By Guadalupe Barriga

deep in thought— Catherine Claire, played by Amanda Seyfried stars in “Things Heard & Seen.”

The new horror film “Things Heard & Seen” will leave viewers with mixed feelings as they expect to see more action throughout the movie but instead get a calm horror film.

The film revolves around George Claire played by James Norton of “Little Women,” Catherine Claire played by Amanda Seyfried of “Mean Girls” and Franny Claire, played by Ana Sofia Heger of “Life in Pieces.” Fans will be excited to watch Amanda Seyfried in a horror movie.  

The story takes place in the spring of 1980 when George lands a new job at a private college as an arts professor. The family decides to leave the city life in New York and go live in a quiet town in Saginaw, Michigan. 

Like every horror movie, the house purchased by the Claire family has a history of death and bad spirits, something George hides from Catherine. 

The house’s dark secrets soon start to reveal themselves when Catherine finds a book in the kitchen with names of deceased people that have lived in the house. 

Norton did great portraying George. He portrayed both the good and bad husband in a very believable way. Seyfried kept her usual good-girl character she is known for playing. 

The production was different from a typical audience’s expectation of a horror movie. There weren’t any unexpected ghost scenes and people could watch the movie without screaming their lungs out. 

Horror movies tend to be confusing, something some viewers dislike experiencing. 

Fans will enjoy the fact that the movie is straightforward and everything is explained clearly. The best part of the movie is what happens when Catherine figures out what her husband has done.

The ending may be disappointing because it doesn’t explain what happened to one of the main characters. The big question viewers will be left asking is, “Did the person die?” 

Some may find the movie spectacular, while others may not enjoy it.  

Fans will expect a better storyline given the strong cast members. Viewers will not be disappointed by the acting but by the chill factor of a not-so-scary movie. 

This movie is a good starter-film for someone easily startled by scary movies. It has some suspense but nothing a beginner can’t handle. 

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