Associated Student Union welcomes new clubs

By Guadalupe Barriga

Associate Student Union chartered two new clubs and approved new funds during a meeting on Friday.

 The meeting was hosted by President Yuxuan Bai and overseen by Adviser Sonia Lopez. One of the new clubs, Students Against Substance Abuse (SASA) will help students overcome their drug abuse. SASA’s representative Diana Landeros said the club provides outreach opportunities and motivational speakers for students. The club meets every Tuesday from 6:30-6:45 p.m., and it is also known for having taco Tuesday every week.

 PSI Beta Honors Club is a psychology-based club that was also chartered on Friday. The club’s President Karen Mendoza said the club focuses on the research aspect of psychology. Their meetings take place every second and third Thursday of the month from 12:15-1:45 p.m. The club often has guest speakers from universities to encourage students to further their research at a four year university. 

All students who have a passion for psychology are welcome to join the club regardless of their major. ASU discussed, voted and approved new funds for the month.  Dominguez introduced a funding of $4,000 for Omni gift cards giveaway that will be given to South Gate students. The gift cards will be from local restaurants, ASU will promote the gift cards giveaway through South Gate campus’ social media. 

Vice President of Advocacy Alondra Pacheco said the Food Pantry is requesting an additional $15,000 fund since the number of applicants has increased. As of May 7 there were currently 171 plus applicants. Pacheco made an amendment to the proposal for all gift cards to be purchased from Omni cards, the proposal and amendment were both approved. 

Executive Vice President Rosa Mendoza introduced a $23,000 fund to purchase additional sashes for graduating students. An amendment was added to the proposal to only provide sashes for students who RSVP. Students’ events were also discussed in the meeting as the Event Planning Committee announced the Husky Bowl deadline has been extended to Friday because only one club has registered to participate.

 The event could possibly get cancelled if no other club registers by the deadline. The committee has sent encouraging emails to the rest of the clubs in hope they will register for the Husky Bowl. The Student Activities Committee is hosting their final Husky Academy  today at 2 p.m. where students are welcome to join.

 Bai announced the Election Committee will be reviewing the ASU elections by May 21 and the; election results will be revealed on May 28. The results will be posted on ELAC’s website. 

The return to in person classes was also discussed by Lopez. For now, ELAC does not have an exact date for faculty and students to return. ASU will continue to have their meetings via Zoom. Students can register through ELAC ASU’s linktree to be part of the meetings. ASU’s next meeting will be on May 28 at 2 p.m. 

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