‘Selena’ season 2 redeems itself

By Brenda de la Cruz

The Signature Red Lip—Christian Serratos plays Selena Quintanilla in new series.

“Selena: The Series” redeems itself in its second part of the Netflix original.

The Netflix series came back with part two on May 4 and picked up right where it left off. 

While the first part of the series was upsetting because the storyline was focused solely on Selena’s family and their behind the scenes struggles, part two wins back fans.

The show’s focus is now on Selena and viewers get to see the side many fans were unable to see on a more personal level.

The series manages to capture the late singer’s creativity and talent as it pours out of Christian Serratos so naturally. This is opposite to what viewers saw in part one, where only the male figures would emerge as the heroes, bringing with them a new song or a new gig opportunity. Now, the cumbia queen is shown defending her ideas, even when it is scary to be her own hero.

Serratos pulls off Selena’s infectious laugh and sense of humor in every scene. Her ability to capture the singer’s slightest sounds, giggles or squeaks is impressive.

There are a few characters who are not likeable for a die-hard fans of Selena or just good people in general. Selena’s sister, Suzette played by Noemi Gonzalez, can be tough to care about. It’s good to know Selena’s real sister, who produced the show, is aware of her flaws and doesn’t try to hide them.

The series is great to watch whether viewers are a Selena fans or not, but it means more if they are fond of her music. It’s filled with all her greatest hits and it’s fun watching how the songs were created.

The series also gives fans a glimpse of what artists go through when they become famous. Selena was seen as happy-go-lucky, but with fame came struggle. The show gives a glimpse into how the late Tejano queen tries to balance her life as a regular young woman and rising star. It also shows the audience how little privacy she had, and how despite that, she never lashed out at fans or the media. Selena’s capable handling of her situation shows how well she was able to be creative despite tears and self-doubt.

The series manages to make viewers feel like they know the singer on a personal level. Fans are typically only able to see what is posted online, in magazines or what is said in interviews, but the series makes it as if the viewers were friends of Selena. It gives fans a sense of being there.

Viewers should get their tissues ready because although most fans already know the ending to this story, it’s hard not to get emotional.

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