Students should prepare to return to campus

By Max Miranda

Students should have the mentality of getting ready to go back to school as restrictions are starting to ease up.  

We have been in the COVID-19 pandemic for over 14 months, and majority of classes have  been through zoom meetings. Students shouldn’t be getting too comfortable doing these  online classes. 

While most areas have been easing up restrictions and the CDC saying that masks aren’t  required for people who are fully vaccinated. We should be expecting to be back on campus  sometime during the fall semester.  

And while it has been a wild ride, learning how zoom works and being able to do an online  class, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. And a good amount of people miss  being on campus. 

Being stuck at home being on your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet and being taught  sounded fun at first, but now it gets boring. Being able to physically see your classmates and  your professors is much better than seeing them through a screen. 

And being in the classroom as well, it feels good just to be inside one and being taught what the  subject is. People are tired being stuck at home and are itching to get back to school and meet  their friends. 

Being on campus brings a positive vibe in you because you feel like everything is back the way it  was. While it may not be the case due to the pandemic, it just feels good to step foot on  campus knowing that you’re back in school and you’re ready to rock and roll.  

Seeing the students walk around campus is something a lot of students miss when they’re on  campus. Seeing students on campus puts a smile on their face. Seeing students in a classroom  puts a smile on their face. Being able to interact with other students, even if you don’t know  them it’s still something students want to see when they get back to school. 

We miss interacting with one another because we never see each other. But when that day  comes and we can be back on campus, we will smile and cherish the moment.  

We are only months away from being back on campus grounds and while people have gotten  comfortable being on zoom and all, just don’t forget that we’re not going to be on zoom for the  rest of our lives. You must think long-term and have the right mindset on going back to school.  

We’re all just taking an extended vacation from campus. And while some students may not  want to go back to campus. That is completely up to them. Just know that at some point, you’re  going to have to go back and go to class and learn inside a classroom. 

It may be during the fall semester, it may be during the winter semester, it might even be next  spring semester. But just to remind the students that go to East Los Angeles College, we’ll be  back on campus grounds, and we must start getting used to it again.

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