Communications instructor enlightens through his voice

By Max Miranda

Whether good or bad,  Professor David Hale will accept the work and will help  you if you’re having trouble. 

 Professor David Hale is a professor at East Los Angeles College who works in the Communications Department.

 He has been teaching at East Los Angeles College for seven years. 

For  someone who started doing public speaking in high school in speech and debate teams, he’s helped a lot of students improve their  own public speaking. 

Teaching in all levels, Hale has seen good work during the years. Students say they have seen their work improve from the start to the end of the semester.

 Hale said that he thinks that most people are very  good at public speaking, they just don’t know. 

And when he works with his students, he doesn’t  want them to think of him as a grader. “I want them to think of me as a friend or a coach who is  willing to help them out and not just someone who grades their paper.” said Hale. 

He usually has his students work individually and they should treat it like a conversation. “I  want them to do their best individually and have them work on it like a convo,” he said.

As they    work, he said that they should take things slowly.  “Most student will view   their work from a critical lens, and they think that the work is no good. I don’t want their work  to be like a Martin Luther King Jr. speech. Whether  the work is good or not, it’s exceptional.”

 Hale wants students to learn from him so that they can boost their confidence. “I want them to learn from me because I’ve won awards doing what I do, I’ve helped people doing  what I do. That’s what I tell my students in the classroom.”  

And when it comes to their speeches, Hale wants them to remain calm.

“The students, when they do their speeches, at times they’ll pre-plan every word they say. I don’t want that to happen. Just go with what you know.”

  Even if the speech isn’t the best, he will accept it and  help you if you  struggled on.  

Hale also said that he wants you to speak with confidence and that if you don’t speak with  confidence then you’ll think that your work is terrible. 

 Hale said that he has seen students  get better at certain areas where they struggled with at the beginning of the semester. 

“I’ve  seen progression from a lot of the students from the start of the semester towards the end of  the semester. Seeing something like that truly means something.”

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