ELAC trains future health care workers

By Elvia Ramos

Safety First—ELAC Respiratory Therapy students, Denise Lopez left, Fei Li, Kylie, Christina Melgoza, Maria Orguna and Professor Bunnarith Chhun.

ELAC’s Respiratory Therapy Professor Bunnarith Chhun prepares his class with safety supplies like latex gloves, hand sanitizer and proper masks. 

In a briefing afterwards he highlights the safety protocols to remember while on campus and around others. 

The program’s main objectives are to maintain a patient records and to communicate information with people.

Students also learn how to maintain patient’s airway including the care of artificial airways and achieving satisfactory respiratory support.

The program is currently accepting applications for fall.

For more information contact program director Kevin M. Booth at boothkm@elac.edu.

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