Jorja Smith’s new music lyrics empower young women

By Natalia Angeles

R&B singer Jorja Smith puts together an experimental EP titled “Be Right Back.” In 25 minutes and 39 seconds, Smith clears the air that this in fact is not her second album. 

“Be Right Back” is composed of eight songs in total. These songs are just a glimpse of Smith’s new sound. With tracks that can possibly be demos or incomplete. 

Smith, being a BRIT award-winner for her 2018 debut album “Lost and Found,” felt she needed more time for her second album.

“BRB with my second album, enjoy this for now,” said Smith on an Instagram post made the day of her EP’s release.

With the song “Addicted” being track number one, her new sound that incorporates both the piano and guitar grasps the attention of listening fans. Not only that, but her lyrics relate to the many one-sided love stories humans encounter. “You are not addicted to me, I’m the only thing you should need,” Smith said.

Moving forward on her third track “Bussdown” featuring Shaybo, both artists help women feel empowered. Smith implements a reggae-influenced sound while describing the hard working women spoiling themselves. “Diamonds, baby, bought all of them, dressed up and she just walks right in,” Smith said.

With track number six “Burn,” Smith delivers a semi-live version with a conversation in the beginning. “Can you take the click off, please?” Smith proceeds to mix both her fabulous voice with her jazz influence sound. Yet, in this track Smith conveys a story of a little girl who seems to be passionate about her dreams, but falls down.  

With her EP coming to an end, track number eight, “Weekend,” Smith’s voice once again blows fans away. Transitioning from her jazz-vocal sound, while still keeping a title as an R&B singer, Smith’s voice brings down the barrier of traditional sounds. Smith foreshadows the cage R&B sounds are in. “Song is a trapped word, song is a trapped world,” Smith said. 

Two of the eight tracks already have a music video. Both “Addicted” and “Buss Down” capture her experimental sounds. Although this is new from Smith, her lyrics and vocal sounds resemble some of her past work such as “Be Honest.” 

In the “Addicted” music video, Smith is taking photos in different outfits in front of her Macbook. Each outfit changes as she sings different parts of the song. 

In the “Buss Down” music video, both Smith and Shaybo are shown as hard working mechanics then changing to being hot empowering women. With luxury around them, their lyrics repeat the accomplishment it is to be a woman and a hard worker. 

Even so, it is quite impossible to wait for her second album. Smith’s EP gave a glimpse to her new sound. This incited excitement and great hopes for her upcoming work. 

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