‘Sour’ sets tone for Olivia’s music career

By Cassidy Reyna

sour is the new sweet—Olivia Rodrigo on the cover of her debut album.

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album “Sour” is the new heartbreak album of the year. 

Rodrigo is the star of Disney+’s “High School Musical: The Musical – The Series” and put herself on the map with her hit single “Driver’s License” in January. She skyrocketed in the music industry— this helped separate her from her Disney stardom. 

“Sour” initially was an EP, but after the popularity of Rodrigo’s single “Driver’s License,” it was expanded to a full-length album. The pop album has a mix of rock and nice bass riffs. 

Her album explores many topics aside from heartbreak, like the struggles of being a teenager. It will have listeners thinking about their past relationships and possibly thinking back to their teenage years.

Rodrigo’s debut album has 11 tracks in a 35 minute time frame.It opens with the track “Brutal” where she talks about her struggles with society and everything she feels. 

Listeners will notice references to pop culture like Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” The song has a punk flair and a great opening to the album. Rodrigo said she used this track to talk about anything and everything that she wanted. 

“Traitor” the second track of the album, talks about how even though her ex-boyfriend never cheated on her, he still betrayed her by having an emotional relationship with his new girlfriend while they were still together. Even though the song doesn’t directly talk about it, listeners will know that Rodrigo talks about being gaslit by her ex.

The third track of the album is the iconic “Driver’s License.” Rodrigo talks about how she got her driver’s license and how that was one thing her ex and herself were excited about. She talks about her insecurities and how she still misses him.

“1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” is the fourth track of “Sour.” It is about the ups and downs of an unstable relationship. 

Listeners will be able to relate because Rodrigo talks about being on thin ice with her partner and that any sudden thing could cause conflict between them. 

It may cause listeners to become emotional as Rodrigo is obviously talking about a toxic relationship– which many have experienced. 

The fifth track is Rodrigo’s second single “Deja Vu.” In the song, Rodrigo talks about how she wonders if her ex-partner gets déjà vu when he does things with his new partner that he used to do with Rodrigo. She calls out her ex saying that everything he shows his new partner is everything she’s shown him. 

“Good 4 U” is the sixth track off of “Sour,” and is Rodrigo’s latest single from the album before it was released. Rodrigo talks about how she’s over everything with her ex. 

The song holds a sarcastic theme because the reality is, Rodrigo is upset with what she was put through in that relationship. 

This track along with “Brutal” are very rock inspired. Fans will be able to enjoy and release what they may feel during this song. The song has blown up on the app “Tik Tok,” the same way Rodrigo’s other singles have.

The seventh track “Enough for You” is one of the more emotional tracks on the album. The song is about how she tried so hard with her ex just so he could give her love, but he left her in the dark. 

Rodrigo has said that the aforementioned app “Tik Tok” inspired this song because she was on “break-up tik tok” for a while. 

“Happier” is the eighth track on the album and Rodrigo uses this track to truly wish her ex the best and hopes that she remains a good memory. 

Listeners will be able to relate because even though a person moves on, they just wish the best for those who are no longer in their life. 

“Jealousy, Jealousy” is the ninth track and Rodrigo talks about the unrealistic standards society sets on teenagers, especially young women. 

Rodrigo has said that she wrote the song because of her obsession with social media, and how so many things she saw would hurt her feelings. 

She uses the song to express how young adults shouldn’t have to live with these standards against them.

The penultimate track, “Favorite Crime” is another emotional song that Rodrigo has written. 

Rodrigo uses the song to talk about how she was used in her previous relationship. 

Although it is not directly said, Rodrigo clearly talks about how she was groomed in that relationship. To be “groomed” means when a person, usually someone who is an adult, builds an emotional relationship with someone who’s younger, typically a minor, and manipulates them, exploits and abuses them. 

Fans dissected the song and realized how much more emotional this song is than when it is initially listened to.

“Hope UR Ok” is the final track on “Sour,” and is also an emotional song about friends Rodrigo has lost contact with. 

It’s truly emotional because listeners will be able to reminisce about old friends while wishing them the best, hoping that they have made it out of tough situations. 

“Sour” is an amazing album and it’s shocking that this is Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, because it touches the hearts of many listeners and has been received with so much love. 

With this being Rodrigo’s first album, it sets the stage for her music career. 

“Sour” is out now and available to listen on all streaming services.

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