Previous professional wrestlers stars in zombie apocalypse film

By: Leonardo Cervantes

“Army of the Dead,” directed by Zach Snyder, previously worked on Justice league, is a perfect blend of action, over exaggeration and comedy you would want in a movie.

There isn’t some over complicated plot that feels like a puzzle that the viewer needs to solve. It is a simple action packed film that one can enjoy and turn their brains off and just appreciate the chaos ongoing on screen. 

The film is set in Las Vegas and the opening scene starts off with a huge explosion on the highway due to a car collision so it sets the tone of the type of action the film will contain.

A group of soldiers come along and the viewers get their first glimpse at a zombie. It is a strong mutant zombie that goes on a killing rampage and leaves the rest of the lucky surviving soldiers terrified.

Just five minutes into the film and viewers feel the tension the film will contain. There is a lot of blood, action, sense of fear and even more blood. 

Seriously, the first 15 minutes of the film are some of the most unique ways of killing zombies you can think of.

The army is in a full on war with zombies and killing them with guns, missiles, knives and chainsaws.

It is an extremely gory film so people who are faint of heart should probably stay away from this film. Also it should be recommended for mature audiences for the amount of gore it contains.

The movie is your typical zombie apocalypse movie but because it is set in Las Vegas you get a lot of cosplaying actors like Elvis so that makes for a nice small change compared to similar films. Expect massive explosions throughout the film and even uniquely a zombie tiger.

Scott Ward played by Dave Bautista is the main star of the film. Some people might know him for his previous work as being a professional wrestler, but over the past decade he has successfully transitioned into becoming a movie star and starring in his roles.

Although Ward’s character isn’t the talkative type it fits well with his character type and much better than the other key actors. Bautista seems to have that stoic yet charming personality. 

You can’t really say the same for the other lead stars in the film, Vanderohe played by Omari Hardwick and  Kate Ward played by Ella Purnell. They show little to know emotion throughout the film and sort of feel like supporting characters with no real connection to the viewer.

As the leader of the operation Bautista has to recruit a pilot, locksmiths, strategists and soldiers that he thinks are fit for the job and mentally strong enough to fight against intelligent and organized zombies and get to the safe beneath the strip containing 200 million dollars.

Since there is a full on zombie war the characters are sort of in a state of panic throughout the film fearing the worst at all times. They have to be prepared at all times and are trusted to make tough decisions if it comes to that. Overall it is a fun movie that any action fan can enjoy.

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