Day two at E3 concentrates on Xbox

By: Juan Calvillo

Day two of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition focused on “Halo Infinite” and other new titles for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S and Square Enix’s upcoming titles.

Xbox Games, Bethesda and a host of other developers showed off next generation graphics and gameplay for both triple A titles and indie games.

Square Enix held its press conference Sunday showing its titles for both current generation home gaming systems and mobile devices.

The biggest feather in Microsoft’s cap this E3 was the release date of both “Halo Infinite” and “Halo Infinite Multiplayer” for Fall 2021. “Halo Infinite Multiplayer” will be completely free and there is no need to purchase the story mode game.

The multiplayers footage is fast paced, explosive and is a great reason to purchase the next generation hardware.

The Entertainment Software Association, the group that runs E3, said the Microsoft press event previewed 30 different games Sunday. A majority of the presented games will be Xbox exclusives, will stream on day one through Xbox Game Pass or both. 

Other companies showed off games for the Xbox brand during the conference as well. Blizzard Entertainment announced “Diablo 2: Resurrected” for a Sept. 23 release. The game will have eight player co-operation and be optimized for new hardware. Ubisoft said November 10 was the launch date for “Far Cry 6.” 

Bethesda featured updates to its massively multiplayer online role playing games “Fallout 76” and “Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the release date for its newest space exploration RPG “Starfield” as Nov. 11, 2022.

Pete Hines from Bethesda, a company now owned by Microsoft, said all games in development before the company’s acquisition by Microsoft are still in development.

Square Enix focused on not only its console titles but their various forays into the mobile market. “Guardians of the Galaxy” from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal puts the player in the shoes of Marvel hero Starlord.

The game is a third person action adventure game where player decisions will have repercussions on the remainder of the game. The game releases October 26, 2021.

Square Enix and Marvel continue their teamwork with brand new downloadable content for “Marvel’s Avengers.” In June, the Cosmic Cube DLC will arrive along with summer Patrol Modes and exploration rewards. The “War for Wakanda” expansion will put Black Panther in the spotlight and have Claw as a villain.

“Life is Strange Remastered Collection” will be released Sept. 30. “Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition,” is the newest outing for the “Life is Strange” franchise. This edition of the game will have an alternate outfit: the base game, the “Remastered Collection” and “Life is Strange Wavelengths.” This is a bonus story for players. This releases Sept. 10.

In the mobile arena, Square Enix is remastering the “Final Fantasy” franchise from the first to the sixth chapters. These will be released on both Steam and mobile devices. “Final Fantasy 7, The First Soldier” will have a worldwide release sometime in 2021. The game will be available for both iOS and Android devices and is a battle royale type game.

The game will run on a free to play model.For more information on additional titles releasing check out Xbox and Bethesdas presentation here: For more information on Square Enix Presents please check out:

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