Poetry book advises on relationships

By: Cynthia Solis

Reuben Holmes, better known under the pen name R.H. Sin is a New York Times bestselling author whose new book, “She Fits Inside These Words”, is the best poetry book of 2021, so far. Holmes goes by the pen name R.H. Sin.

In his new book, he collaborates with authors Robert M. Drake and Samantha King. For fans of Sin, his poetry book is a great homage to his previous books that he collaborated with the two poets. He wrote “Empty Bottle Full of Secrets and Falling Toward the Moon” with Drake and collaborated with King to create “We Hope This Reaches You in Time.”

The book focuses on self-reflection. Looking in the mirror and evaluating everything a reader fights for. Each poem pushes the reader to look at their relationship or “situationship.”

This word has grown in popularity on Twitter, it means the reader isn’t in a relationship with a person but they do things that people in romantic relationships do. The idea is to decide whether the relationship is worth the work.

The poetry and book empower the reader. All too often, there are people in this world that are in a situation that makes them question whether or not they should stay— the person notes how their partner suddenly doesn’t appreciate them, is toxic, doesn’t care or show them love. Everyone has at one point questioned their worth because of another person. This book gives the reader the reassurance they need to know they are worthy of love and attention, and shouldn’t have to bargain for these things.

In all of his works thus far, R.H. Sin has alluded to his past relationships and notes how he comes from a place where pain and destruction were norms in his life. Because of these things, he decided to join the pursuit of true love; the kind of love where it is all-consuming and powerful.

He structures each of his sections in a way that shows his progress. For instance, at the beginning of “She Fits Inside These Words,” he discusses how he has been hurt and because of that one person, he went on a trail of hurting others.

As the book progresses, he comes to realize that because of that one person, he eventually became them since he was mimicking their actions. He realizes he is lost and then falls in love. 

The entire book works to persuade the reader that they don’t need to hurt others the way they were hurt. It also encourages the reader to not be so willing to open up from the beginning.

Something that all three of the authors discuss is how the reader should not give themselves to the other person right away because that tends to be a recipe for disaster. Although it is easier said than done, it can save the reader a lot of pain and heartache. 

This book is a must-read. It provides the right amount of reassurance while offering the kind of advice a big brother or sister would offer a younger sibling. “She Fits Inside These Words” is a perfect summer read since it is easy and resonates with readers. 

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