Huskies miss the goal in 5-2 loss at home

By Brenda De La Cruz

The men’s soccer team hosted Cypress College this past Friday and experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in their loss at home.
The Huskies struck first in the first couple of minutes of the first half, scoring their first goal of the evening.
Midfielder Jesus Garcia saw a shot when a previous attempt was not fruitful and seized the opportunity. His teammates and he joined together to celebrate the 1-0 score.
Both teams continued to fend each other off throughout the first half with great defense against many attempts to score on both sides. Then, as soon as the second half began, ELAC struck early yet again with a second goal less than 30 seconds in by center-midfielder Alfredo Ortiz.
It was obvious the Huskies were running off the momentum from the first half.
However, as quick as that momentum was built, it was torn down. Roughly two minutes after the score was 2-0, the Cypress Chargers ‘charged’ back and scored not one, but two goals within minutes of each other.
It was as if the energy and electricity the Huskies had at first was transferred to the Chargers. This game was now tied, but not for long.
Cypress continued to capitalize on their new-found momentum. Despite ELAC Head Coach Eddie Flores, who has been coaching for 25 years, giving the Huskies a pep talk and telling them to keep their head up, Cypress went on to score three additional goals.
The Huskies ultimately ended this home game with a 5-2 loss. Their home games so far have resulted in two ties and one loss.
The Huskies host the Glendale Vaqueros on Friday at 6 p.m. Spectators are welcomed and encouraged.

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