Debate-ducking California governor writes off recall

By Raymond Nava

Governor Gavin Newsom does not deserve to remain in office and should be recalled in the Sept.14 election. Despite facing a recall election by the voters, Newsom has shown he has no intention of taking this election seriously.

The California Democratic party has also opted to play dirty regarding this election, and they should not be rewarded with a win on Sept.14.

There is no doubt that Newsom has done a good job handling the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the vaccination efforts. His handling of the Delta variant also deserves some praise. I was hesitant about supporting the recall of Newsom, but his decision to not take the race seriously, as well as erroneously framing the recall as partisan lead has changed that. 

Newsom has chosen to frame the recall election as a “republican recall.” He has based his campaign entirely on calling the recall a republican power grab.

While it’s true that the initial recall petition drive was led primarily by republican enthusiasm, it is irresponsible to paint the recall process as a power grab the way Newsom has.

The recall process in California is designed to give power to the citizens on whether they want to keep or remove their elected officials, in this case the governor.

Newsom’s constant rhetoric about how this is a partisan power grab attempt almost comes off as complaining that he has to face a recall election at all. His attitude comes off like he feels entitled to not face a recall.

Newsom has opted to not participate in debates with other candidates, preventing voters from seeing him confronted on the issues that partially led to the recall election.

Ducking debates is the worst thing an incumbent can do, especially when Newsom declined to participate in one debate and instead attended a fundraiser for his campaign. An incumbent who doesn’t feel they should have to be challenged on the issues is an incumbent who doesn’t deserve to hold office, especially an office as important and powerful as the governor’s office.

The Democratic party has also opted to deny the voters of California, which is a heavily democratic voting state, an alternative candidate to Newsom in the event he were to lose the recall. This decision was done primarily to kneecap democratic voters from having the option to consider an alternative democrat to Newsom, and make it so they can only decide between keeping Newsom or risk a republican likely winning.

The Newsom campaign has also decided to tell democrats to not vote on the second question, despite there being 9 democratic candidates that voters could still pick even if they vote no.

There is no downside to picking a backup option, so all this does is give a strong feeling that Newsom and the Democratic party would rather risk handing the governorship to the republicans than having a democrat other than Newsom win. 

This is a reckless and foolish gamble that I refuse to fall in line with. It’s for these reasons why Newsom does not deserve to hold the office of governor. Playing a game of dirty politics is something I despise in addition to the problems I have with how Newsom has handled other issues.

I recommend that voters vote yes and vote for a backup candidate of their choice. This conduct should not be rewarded.

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