“Ghost-town” ELAC frozen in time

G7 Lecture Hall patio completely empty.

By: Paul Medina

During its seventy-five years in operation East Los Angeles College has never had to undergo an in-person closure as the one in which the pandemic forced it to.

Last year as the ‘coronavirus’ was beginning to sweep through the nation. The U.S. federal government would declare it a national emergency. ELAC on orders from the district ceased to offer in person instruction around the third week of March.

The semester was brought to a halt until further notice. Ultimately instruction resumed under a modified online method of instruction.

The deserted ELAC bookstore with its shelves empty.

All classes with the exception of a few district sanctioned courses such as Nursing, Respiratory Therapy and Emergency Medical Technician were allowed to remain in person under strict social distancing guidelines.

As months passed by the campus looked like somewhat of a ghost town. Prior to its limited reopening of very few courses during the summer session, only Sheriffs personal and custodians would be seen occasionally strolling through campus.

Student Services front side of campus empty.

It was a surreal feeling to see the campus empty on a weekday during normal operating hours. These are a collection of pictures showing what the lively ELAC looked like during the pandemic. Taken during the Spring Semester, one year after the pandemic began. Showing at times an ELAC frozen in time. A view few were able to see. 

The campus was turned into a vaccination site open to all.

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