Huskie football shows potential for new season

By: Miguel Dominguez

The East Los Angeles College football team is currently ranked 23rd in the California Community College Sports Information Association rankings. The ELAC Huskies have a record of two wins and two losses in the season. 

The Huskies have scored a total of 154 points in four games and are ranked fourth in this category.The Huskies are ranked fifth on offense, with a total of 1531 yards in four games. College of the Canyons  are  ranked number one, with a total of 1926 yards. 

Freshman running back Jaden Mason, leads the team with six rushing touchdowns and is ranked second in the Southern California Football Association (SCFA) ranks.

Freshman wide receiver Guy McCarthy and Sophomore wide receivers Khadeem Richards and Tyson Schilling  lead the team with three receiving touchdowns each. Richards also has an 89-yard kick return touchdown.

The Huskies are using two quarterbacks this season. Sophomore quarterbacks Rudy Garcia and Trashawn McMillan have played all four games. 

They both have a combined 10 passing touchdowns.  

Combined the two quarterbacks have a total of 917 passing yards.

“Rudy has good attributes; throws the ball well, runs the ball well. Trashawn is a great athlete but can also throw the football. They both have similar attributes. All in all, they are just two good football players,” Head Coach/ Athletic Director Bobby Godinez said.

The defense allowed 15 points in their first two winning games of the season and outscored the teams with 112 points. “We have a good amount of talent, a great defense of front and some good coaches to solidify everything,” Godinez said. 

The Huskies have an average of 20.5 rushing yards per game allowed and have an average of 161.3 passing yards per game allowed and are second in the SCFA ranks. Freshman linebacker Jonathan Perkins leads the team with 14 tackles, 10 tackle assists and four sacks.

Sophomore defensive end Chace Davis said “ He (Godinez) puts us in positions to play to our strengths and do what we have to do to make plays”.

Godinez is entering his sixth year of being part of this team.  In the six years at ELAC “I think it’s the best all-around team,” Godinez said.   

The Huskies have multiple players who have scholarship offers. 

“It’s something that we have done a good job here. Just between our staff and players and making sure we take care of business, so that they (players) do what they came for, which is get a scholarship,” said Godinez.

Sophomore quarterback Rudy Garcia said he has a couple of scholarship offers but would like to go to his dream school “Arizona State University.”

For Davis “I’m trying to get back to the division I level. That’s my main goal,” said Davis.

Davis said he wants to return to the level he used to play at.“I want to win games. I want to do something great with this team and achieve some good things with the team,” Davis said.

The Husky football team is currently working out outside rather than inside like they normally do, 

Due to COVID-19 and the number of players they have on the team, they are working out in the stadium where they practice and play their games.  

“We make it work. They understand that if we jeopardize things by going indoors and someone gets sick and then everyone must sit out. Now you are not playing games. I think ultimately, it’s more important for them to be able to get through the season and play all our games” Godinez said.

“We have the toughest conference in the state. There are no easy games. Every single game we play from here on out is ranked,” Godinez said

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