To protect and serve, the US Army needs to get vaccinated

By Jonathan Bermudez

By December 15, all members of the U.S Army need to be fully vaccinated, and I support it.
It should be mandatory at this point for all members of service to be fully vaccinated, whether you’re a marine or in the navy, or even coast guard.
There is no viable reason not to receive the vaccine unless your religion doesn’t allow it, but even then, there are very few religions that deny vaccines.
Those who are in the Army and refuse the COVID-19 vaccine will be reprimanded and could potentially end any career that they had with the army.
This goes for all levels of command, not just recruits.
I think it’s a fair consequence—if you’re not willing to receive a vaccine, but you’re eager to serve your country, then that makes no sense.
COVID-19 has taken many lives and to not receive a vaccine to protect more lives is disrespectful to those who have passed.
Members of the army can’t say they don’t trust the vaccine because that would be very hypocritical since they swear under oath to protect and uphold the liberty of their country.
There’s the argument that some are doing it for career opportunities and not actually to fight for their country. Or that some do it for school and free tuition.
Even though these are all real possibilities, that doesn’t change the fact they are all soldiers of the U.S Army.
They all go through the same basic training. They all wear the same uniform.
They all swore to protect and serve their country, and what better way than to get vaccinated.
If they are not fighting across the sea, then help combat the problems at home.
They need to set an example like the other military branches and show they are doing their part to make their country not lose any more lives to the disease.
According to the Stars and Stripes article, “Army issues mandatory virus vaccine schedule — active-duty soldiers by Dec. 15, Reserve and Guard troops by June 30.” by Caitlin Doornbos, a report from the Pentagon has shown that the Navy, marines, and Air Force are all above 50% of fully vaccinated members.
So it shouldn’t be an issue for the Army to have the same numbers of fully vaccinated members by the deadline.
Hopefully, recruiters on the ELAC campus start talking about the vaccination deadlines with students, and will advocate for potential recruits to get fully vaccinated.

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