Demand rises for indoor fans

By: Miguel Dominguez

East Los Angeles College administrators will allow indoor sports to have fans in the stands during home games. It has been a month since the volleyball and water polo teams have been playing without fans during home games.

“Their (volleyball) event comes first,” Athletic Director Bobby Godinez said. 

Volleyball will be the first ELAC indoor team to have fans in attendance at their game. The first game will be on Oct. 13 against Pasadena City College.

“Even though the pool is considered indoors, we were still fortunate enough to have the outdoor patio open” Head Coach Kimberly Romero said.

The water polo team had fans trying to come in and watch their previous home games, but were not allowed to go in the stands.

The water polo team was recently allowed to have fans outside on the patio for their home games just last week. No fans would be allowed indoors. There are no seats on the patio. Fans would need to bring their own chairs to be able to sit.

“We are not going to be mandating vaccination status. If we abide by the protocols, make sure everybody is masked up and keep the appropriate distance and sanitize everything, I think it should be okay,” Godinez said.

The event capacity will be at 50 percent of fans being allowed to the games. 

Godinez also plans to have staff monitor the fans and players to make sure they are wearing masks when they need to.

“I think it’s time to have the players enjoy their friends and family being able to participate. It’s been a long year and a half of going through this (COVID-19 pandemic)” Godinez said.

He said players deserve to have fans allowed at games, since the players have been doing their part of getting vaccinated, getting tested and following the protocols on campus.

“I just hope we can stay safe until it’s our turn. Everybody needs to respect the rules and wear masks so that everyone can have fun. 

Hopefully we can finish the season with fans. That’s what makes the kids proud. When they play for the college, parents and their friends, when they come and watch them. Fans bring energy to the game” coach Bruce Turner said.

Turner and the women’s basketball team need to wait until Dec. 27 for their first home game.

“We are very excited that we are moving closer to the student experience we are accustomed to,” head coach John Mosely said.  

The men’s basketball team won’t have their first game until January 5 against El Camino College.

“We want you (the fans) here,” Godinez said.

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