New Nintendo Direct delivers giant amount of news for upcoming projects

By Ricardo Martir

Nintendo’s September Direct for the Nintendo Switch is filled with expected announcements for the upcoming holiday season and the year.
Even with all the announcements, Nintendo was still able to fit in a few surprises
“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” was the first game in the direct to be previewed, although it won’t be a new game.
It will be a massive expansion DLC pack.
“Splatoon 3” was also included in this direct, but not much was shown other than the mention and very brief gameplay of new weapons coming to the new game.
“Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity” will receive new content with its new expansion pass.
This will include new sequences in the story, two new stages, and two new characters in Robbie and Purah.
“Mario Party Superstars” will make its Switch debut on October 29, along with the game’s exclusive party boards.
This game will also be included with retro games from previous installments, like “Woody Woods,” “Horror Land” and “Yoshi’s Tropical Island.”
The game, like always will also include the party mode, minigame mode and online play.
“Kirby” will finally receive the attention it deserves when the franchise and its fans finally get the newest installment in “Kirby and the Forgotten Land.”
This game brings “Kirby” to the 3-D world for the first time making it a great buy, for long-time fans of “Kirby” and making others who have never played “Kirby” actually consider this game.
Since its announcement in 2018 the ‘Super Mario’ movie has made very little noise.
Director Shigeru Miyamoto announced the Illumination movie will count on a star-studded cast with the likes of Chris Pratt playing Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy for Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi and Jack Black for Bowser among others as well.
The movie also received the release schedule of the 2022 holiday season along with “Bayonetta 3,” first announced in 2017.
After four years Nintendo finally gave a 2022 release window.
In its trailer, the gameplay includes combo moves and enemies in the game.
IGN has hinted at a possible crossover with the line “The end of the trailer also showed a mysterious character who looked a bit like Vergil from Devil May Cry.”
With a game that is highly anticipated, it will have a five-year wait span since its announcement.
It’s definitely setting itself up for all the high expectations.
Nintendo Switch Online is getting an added tier to its online membership, while neither the price nor release date has been announced.
It was announced that the new tier will include access to a few Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, and with more to gradually make its way to the platform.
“Super Smash Brothers” also received the announcement that three years after its release date it will be receiving its final update.
The final fighter was revealed by Masahiro Sakurai in its individual direct on Monday.
“Animal Crossing New Horizons” will also receive its own direct, scheduled in October, which will include details on updates.
The game includes the return of a fan favorite the the “Brewster,” a coffee shop inside the games museum.

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