Escape the Undertaker presents viewers with an interactive experience

By Juan Calvillo

World Wrestling Entertainment superstars attempt to survive the Undertaker in Netflix’s spooky new special, “Escape the Undertaker.”
The show uses the “choose your own adventure” format giving the viewers total control as to how, or if, the trio makes it out in one piece.
The show starts off quite ominously as it follows legendary wrestler The Undertaker securing his urn of power.
The audience is introduced to the heroes of the show Kingston, Woods, and E. The trio, known as “New Day,” is attempting to get Undertaker to give them his urn so they can combine it with their brand of power.
The trio focus on the power of positivity when it comes to overcoming obstacles.
From there each member goes through their own trial and tribulation in their quest to acquire Undertaker’s urn.
Having a career that spans multiple decades, Undertaker is something of a name in the wrestling world.
His skill in the ring is only matched by the picture-perfect gimmick, often dubbed “the deadman,” where he is a being from the beyond who wreaks havoc in and out of the wrestling ring.
Kingston, Woods and E are all about being positive. The team has created a name for themselves being fun and comedic.
The team tends to be energetic and plays around with almost every fandom there is among the WWE fans. This can range from dressing like unicorns to quoting “Game of Thrones.”
Viewers get to choose how the events of this show start and end. Each choice leads to a different situation where the story diverges slightly.
Kingston, Woods and E all have their own character moments and the viewers can see how they handle themselves individually throughout their time in the mansion.
Giving viewers the choice of how the story unfolds gives the show replay value and will have viewers watching each of the heroes’ storylines just to see how they did or didn’t make it through the night.
The music is entertaining and works well with the spooky environments and situations.
It livens up when the heroes are on-screen, but keeps the somber mood as scary or weird moments come and go.
The special effects leave a bit to be desired.
Having Undertaker show more arcane or mystical abilities is an interesting thought, but it’s the creepy factor and look he is known for that really might have been fun to play up more than sfx.
“Escape the Undertaker” is an interesting and fun show that brings some slight scares to WWE fans and viewers trying to find scary content on Netflix.
The show is rated TV-PG and has a run time of 31 minutes. “Escape the Undertaker” is streaming now on Netflix.

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