Entertainment employees go on strike

By Natalia Angeles

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees have come forward with the poor working conditions and lack of wages they experience.
No rest periods and bad pay sounds like a joke.
Big companies, such as Walt Disney and Netflix, are to blame for this injustice.
All 60,000 union members have come together to put an end to the mistreatment.
This is a big concern nationwide.
The 60,000 members play an important role in the TV and film production industry.
IATSE members are asking for improved working conditions from their trade association: Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.
Many members of the IATSE have spoken about their personal experiences on set.
Carman Spoto, a camera technician, said, “I did a production with The Rock last Friday for Netflix, and because of The Rock’s schedule he was like oh well, we’re just going to work through lunch.”
This should be a concern for society.
It is insane how little knowledge consumers of film and tv production have of the working conditions.
Most are not aware of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, like the one Spoto was involved in.
As a former film student, the pre-production and post-production jobs are not easy.
It can consist of sleepless nights, sacrificing social life, and damage to mental and physical health.
The “rest” times do not feel like “rest” times, and everything feels very rushed.
The fact that working on independent films felt like this, makes it hard to imagine working for Netflix.
Being underpaid for doing something you look forward to discourages the idea of, “chasing your dreams.”
How will more students, especially students of color, want to pursue a career that makes them feel worthless.
It can also be blamed on the cast members for union member’s working conditions.
In Spoto’s case, The Rock should have been aware that crew members do not get the same respect and catering that he does.
It is disrespectful as a consumer to idolize these actors and actresses if they do not give credit to the workers.
It is too often that workers are working under these strenuous conditions.
It is time that not only cast members stand with IATSE members, but all of us as a society.
For more information on how change can be made visit: https://iatse.net/join/

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