‘Halloween Kills’ fails to kill it completely with movie goers

By Brenda De La Cruz

The highly anticipated horror film “Halloween Kills” thrilled in some areas but misses the mark in others.
The latest installment of the Halloween franchise comes after added waiting due to the COVID pandemic.
In this follow up to 2018’s Halloween, Michael Myers is back and wreaking havoc in Haddonfield yet again, only this time the entire town is fed up.
Fans who enjoy gore will absolutely love the many ways Michael inflicts pain onto his victims.
However, despite it being “fun” so to speak, the film clearly has something missing.
The story seems to be all over the place with no visible direction.
While it is understandable this is considered a middle movie because it is part of a 3-part installment, it still does not mean viewers should not get a good plot.
For those who have watched previous Halloween films, it is known Michael enjoys stalking his victims, but in this installment, he is not shown doing that as much, simply magically appearing before his victims.
The story follows more of the townspeople hunting down Michael in a very “angry-pitchfork wielding” type of way. This felt like more added fluff than anything else.
The film does, however, do a great job at making Michael terrifyingly scary.
Fans also get to reminisce on the original 1978 film with past characters from then returning to “Kills.”
For those fans who have been in love with the man behind the white mask since day one, the possibilities of how the final installment will go from here are endless.
Will Michael’s evil be explained in depth, or will they leave fans in the dark in order to make him scarier?
All in all, the film has its entertaining portions but failed to completely hit the mark. “Halloween Kills” is out in theaters and also streaming on the platform Peacock.

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