Netflix’s ‘You’ tv series spotlights it’s dysfunctional family tribulations

By Erica Cortes

Original series “You” takes on an eerie new season this year.
The series is about serial killer Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, who does whatever it takes to make the object of his obsessions fall in love with him.
In the last season he fell in love with Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti.
He later found that she wasn’t exactly who she was portraying.
When things go south, Goldberg tries to murder Quinn but finds out she is pregnant with his child.
The couple get married and move to a suburban neighborhood ending the season with Joe realizing that his newest obsession is his new neighbor.
This season follows the dysfunctional newlyweds after having their child and trying to assimilate, into the town of Madre Linda.
Throughout the season fans see Goldberg juggling his obsession with new love interests while trying to make his marriage work for the sake of his son.
Quinn is juggling with creating new projects for herself and trying to fit into a new town.
The town folk all seem to be narcissistic health gurus.
She also finds herself in the middle of developing an affair.
Although Quinn is trying to live a normal life as a new mom, the demons of her toxicity also come out to play.
She becomes jealous of Joe’s new obsession and still believes Joe and she are soulmates.
The series tries something different than the past two seasons.
Fans won’t expect the changes in the show’s plot.
It seems like eons ago since Joe was in New York following his fellow bookworm Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail.
This season there is a new side of Badgley’s character being shown, that of a father.
At first we see him struggling to bond with his newborn.
His child being misgendered is a major obstacle.
As the season progresses, we see him connecting with his child.
He becomes the protector of his newborn baby and wants to find them both an escape.
He sees getting away from his crazy wife as the baby’s best chance.
When the two characters move to Madre Linda, fitting in seems a lot like fitting in at high school.
Shalita Grant, who plays Sherry Conrad, is the nosey self centered type, trying to “help her community” all while taking center stage in the town.
We also get introduced to Mathew Engler, played by Scott Speedman.
He is the type that does not care about being in the spotlight and is reserved with everyone including his son Theo, played by Dylan Arnold.
With so much tension throughout the season, viewers really begin to see the mindset of both Quinn and Goldberg.
The best examples come when someone decides to cross them.
The lengths that the couple go to get their way, their escape and their loved ones is terrifying.
Both Badgley and Pedretti give eerie performances with their characters when trying to deal with the town’s crisis and events, all while keeping secrets from each other.
“You” is now streaming on Netflix and is rated TV-MA.

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