‘VHS’ hit with fans after a seven years wait

By Breanna Fierro

The VHS series makes a return in the new Shudder original movie “VHS/94,” and is once again as unpredictable as ever.
A VHS tape within a VHS tape is the first clue of foreshadowing that leaves the audience curious about what the unknown pre-recorded material has to uncover.
“VHS/94” is great addition to a franchise with a cult following.
It places the characters in situations where curiosity tends to get the best of them.
The first three VHS movies were a coincidence after discovery of the films, while in this movie DEA agents were called to the scene.
What began as a drug raid takes a complete turn when dead bodies are discovered in place of drugs and dealers.
New events cause the agents to switch their focus on what is now a crime scene and split up in search of clues.
The agents are clueless at first until the first hint of paranormal evil in the form of VHS recordings.
What starts as a mission quickly turns into a fight for their lives.
The tapes are designed to create a hypnotic trance that locks in whomever glances at screens playing them.
These VHS tapes the agents find are filled with inexplicable conspiracies, full of unrealistic death scenes with lots of gore.
Going back-and-forth between the VHS tapes and the current tape playing of the agents may be confusing at first, if one has never seen any of the previous VHS movies.
The movie does an interesting job in following the concept of the story by presenting poor quality images and sound, creating a realistic ‘90s timeline.
“All are welcome. All are watching. Finally followers, tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. Track my signal. The signal is the stimulant. The signal is salvation. Forever starts right now,” echoes an audio recording through the halls of what appears to be an airplane hangar.
Throughout the movie the agents become suspicious as they disappear one by one.
Some of the agents insist on calling for backup while others insist on finding the rest of the team first.
The acting in most of these VHS tapes goes from mildly humorous to sinister.
Characters with normal lives and normal occupations became mixed up in events so eerie, not even they could handle them.
These situations cause the victims in the VHS tapes to react bizarre and inhumane.
Since every VHS tape is different, the actors do a great job in maintaining the role of the character.
The acting has fewer line breaks than the previous movies. The actors show impressive memorization skills and displays emotion that is both genuine and chilling.
This movie intends to leave audiences on the edge of their seats with suspense and the amount of jump scares it consists of is more than necessary for the film. Still, each VHS tape will fail to disappoint any viewer.
Situations that seem as if it will play out in favor of the victim always have an unfortunate twist.
The past VHS films are full of mythical creatures, taboo events, cult practices, as well as religious trials and tribulations.
“VHS/94” focuses on demonic sacrifice, cult rituals, ceremonies of death, dotty doctors and religious practices.
Expect the unexpected as the VHS tapes push boundaries with the human body.
This thriller is not for the faint of heart, as it is exclusively full of body mutilation and gore.

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