Huskies lose fourth football game of season

By: Miguel Dominguez

The Huskies lost their fourth football game of the season to Long Beach City College, 24-6. 

This is their second loss in a row, and they are now 3-4 on the season.  

The rushing game led the Vikings to the Huskies territory. A 30-yard play-action pass to a wide-open receiver, Zack Leets, gave the Vikings the lead early in the first quarter, 7-0.

The Huskies looked to answer back with their first possession. The running game worked for the Huskies early in the drive, but a fumble by quarterback Rudy Garcia was recovered by the Vikings.

From this point on, the Vikings were dominant offensively. Like in the first drive, the running helped the second possession of the quarter. 

The Vikings quarterback, Derrach West, scored the second touchdown of the quarter on a fake give to the running back for a four-yard rushing touchdown. The Vikings led 14-0.

The Vikings scored on the first play of the second quarter as they were in the red zone by the end of the first quarter. 

Another play-action pass from quarterback West found wide receiver TJ Easter open and scored the 10-yard touchdown pass. The Vikings led 21-0 with 13 minutes left in the half.

The Huskies had an opportunity to score their first points of the game in the second quarter, but kicker Cristian Reyes missed the field goal. 

The Vikings still led 24-0. Both teams struggled to get anything for most of the quarter.

Toward the last minutes of the second quarter, the Vikings would score a touchdown, but were called back for a holding penalty. 

The first play after the penalty, quarterback West threw an interception that was picked by Emajea Porter from the Huskies. 

The Huskies looked to score before the end of the half after the interception.

Quarterback Trashawn McMillan entered the game and got the offense going in the second quarter. 

McMillan certainly changed the offense, being able to run the ball in a few plays and gain 63 yards for the offense with under two minutes to go in the half. 

At this point, the Huskies were at the Vikings’ 33-yard line.

McMillan then passed the ball to running back Pedro Amousou for a 19-yard gain and got them to the Vikings 14-yard line. The Huskies had no timeouts left. 

The receiver was not able to go out of bounds to stop the clock, and the quarter ended. The Vikings led the half 21-0.

The Huskies had the ball at the start of the second half. On the first offensive play for the Huskies, quarterback Trashawn McMillan was sacked and fumbled the ball. The Vikings recovered the ball at the Huskies 29-yard line.

The Huskies forced the Vikings to kick a 22-yard field goal by kicker Ryder Padilla. 

The Vikings extended their lead 24-0. The Huskies were forced to punt the ball on the second possession of the game as they still looked to score points in the game.

The Huskies held off the Vikings for the remainder of the third quarter. On the final drive of the third quarter, the Huskies gained some yards to get them to the Vikings three-yard line. 

The third quarter would end with the Vikings still leading 24-0. On the first play of the fourth quarter the Huskies scored their first points of the game with quarterback McMillan scoring a three-yard rushing touchdown. 

The Huskies attempted a two-point conversion but another bad snap by the center only gave the Huskies six points. The Huskies trailed 24-6.

The Huskies still had plenty of time left in the fourth quarter to make a comeback with 14 minutes to go. 

After five plays of the Vikings first possession of the quarter, the Huskies sacked and forced a fumble. 

Quarterback Derreck West fumbled the ball and the Huskies recovered the ball with 12 minutes left in the quarter.

The offense could not take advantage of the turnover and penalties forced the Huskies to punt. From this point both teams would not score any points in the quarter. The game would end 24-6.

The Huskies had no answer in the first half, both on offense and defense. The Vikings took over the first half with its run and passing game. 

The Vikings scored the first two touchdowns in seven minutes of their possession and in the first quarter.

There were times where the Huskies had some help from the penalties given to the Vikings. But the Vikings were able to complete first downs even with the loss of yards from penalties. 

The Vikings also completed first down on third down plays. The Vikings completed nine third down plays out of the 16 attempts.

The Huskies defense showed improvement in the second half of the game allowing only a field goal in the third quarter. 

The Huskies offense also improved in the late second with quarterback McMillan being a huge factor in the run game and scoring the only touchdown of the game. McMillan also led the game with 85 rushing yards.

 The Huskies will try to upset their next opponent, College of the Canyons, who are 7-0 on the season. 

The game will be played this Saturday at East Los Angeles College and will start at 6 p.m.  

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