‘Dune’ releases as a smashing hit

By Teresa Acosta

The cinematography of the Sci-fi/Adventure “Dune” is stunning, and matches beautifully to the story and characters of the film.
Every detail from the costumes to the score felt carefully and deliberately chosen.
It is mesmerizing from start to finish.
The images of the film work just as hard to tell the story as the actors do.
No one actor stands out, they each just work equally well to compliment each other.
Honor is the theme and driving force behind the actions of most of the characters.
It also propels the story forward many times.
The main setting for the story is the desert planet Arrakis.
Dunes cover the planet with fortresses built on top throughout.
Giant underground worms that are attracted to rhythmic vibrations terrorize this sand covered planet.
They consume everything and anyone that makes these vibrations.
The sand consists of a highly valued resource called “spice.”
The inhabitants of this planet, known as The Fremen, fiercely protect the commodity against pilfering, making it a very dangerous place to visit.
These inhabitants created suits they wear to protect them against the harsh elements of Arrakis.
They also discovered a way to live just below the surface, with the ability to strike at any moment. There are mining operations in place to acquire the “spice” needed for space travel.
The story centers on the protagonist Paul Atreides, played by Timothy Chamalet.
Reoccurring premonitions and a destiny he is being called to plague him.
He journeys with his family and their faction to Arrakis to take over mining operations.
It is during this relocation that the drama and suspense unfold.
This was part one, so there is a lot of story to cover and the two hour and thirty-five minute running time uses every second to do this.
The film’s composer, Hans Zimmer, proves his brilliance with a score that ebbs and flows with all of the tension as well as the subtle intimate moments.
The music is a key element that pulls the viewer into the story.
Everything comes together to tell this story.
The film ends with a cliffhanger and those who have not read the book that the film is based on will have to anxiously await part two.

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