Huskies football upsets College of Canyons 10-7

By: Miguel Dominguez

The East Los Angeles College Huskies upset the College of the Canyons Cougars 10-7. The Cougars were undefeated coming into the game and are now 7-1 on the season.

The Huskies get their first win in the conference after going 0-2. The Huskies’ record is 4-4 on the season. 

On the Cougars first drive of the game, the Huskies forced the cougars to throw under pressure and were picked off by the Huskies Vincent Parra. 

Running back Pedro Amousou lost control of the ball and it was recovered by the cougars’ defense on the Huskies 24 yard-line. 

Following the turnover, the Huskies’ defense and a penalty forced the Cougars to attempt a 46-yard field goal. 

The field goal attempt was short and was returned by the Huskies kick returner Cam’reon Dean for a 40-yard return. 

A block in the back penalty took the Huskies back to their 15-yard line.    

A bad 10-yard punt for the Huskies gave the Cougars good field advantage at the Huskies 35-yard line. 

Later, the Cougars scored on a 26-yard rushing touchdown from quarterback Colton Doyle to give them the lead, 7-0. This was the only scoring play of the half for both teams. 

The Cougars missed opportunities to score in the first half.  The Cougars kicker, Ty Morrison, missed two field goals during the first half. 

Offensively, the Huskies struggled in the first half, never making it to the Cougars territory. 

The Huskies only had one first down completion and it came in the second quarter. 

The Huskies defense however, forced the cougars to turn the ball over on multiple interceptions by blitzing and getting the quarterback under pressure.

The Huskies special teams did get a couple of 40-yard returns in the half. 

The Huskies could not take advantage of these kick returns. 

At the half, the Cougars looked better offensively by completing multiple first downs and scoring the only touchdown. 

The Cougars received the ball in the third quarter. The Cougars looked to score first on their first drive, but a bad snap led to a 12-yard sack on quarterback Doyle. This put the ball at the Huskies 40-yard line.

The Huskies took over at their own 15-yard line to start their drive of the second half. 

The Huskies would get their second first down completion after completing a seven-yard pass to Tyson Schilling.  

The Huskies completed two more first down completions and managed to get to the Cougars 14-yard line. 

One of the first downs came from Rudy Garcia running a 19-yard attempt. 

Another came from Garcia passing the ball to Jaden Mason for a 36-yard completion. 

The Huskies lost yards after two penalties were called on the Huskies. Putting the Huskies at the Cougars 28-yard line. 

On 3rd and 24, Garcia tricked the defense with two fake handoffs, and passed the ball to Schilling for a 28-yard touchdown.  

The Huskies tied the game 7-7 for the final scoring play of the quarter.  

The Huskies had the ball at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Garcia found Khadeem Richards for a 21-yard pass completion to give them a 3rd and 6 opportunity. 

On 3rd and 6, Garcia connects with Jaden Mason for a 14-yard pass completion to give them a first down. 

This took the Huskies’ offense to the cougars’ 48-yard line. After two first down completions, kicker Christian Reyes converted the 25-yard field goal to give the Huskies a 10-7 lead. 

The Cougars had over 8 minutes left to tie or take the lead. 

On the first play after the touchdown, quarterback Doyle completed a 45-yard pass to wide receiver Trevon Elliot to get the team in the Huskies 10-yard line. 

Johnathan Perkins tackled Elliot to force a fumble and the Huskies recovered the ball with 8:12 left on the clock. 

The Huskies, unable to score, were forced to punt to the Cougars. 

Elliot had a 38-yard punt return to get the Cougars at the Huskies 10-yard line with 6:30 left to go. 

The Huskies defense forced the Cougars to try for the field goal. 

Kicker Morrison missed the 35-yard field goal attempt. Huskies still led 10-7 with six minutes to go. 

The Huskies then got the ball and wasted time on the clock after completing a 23-yard rush attempt by quarterback Garcia. 

At the Huskies 47-yard line, Garcia passed but got intercepted by the Cougars with 2:39 left in the game. 

The Huskies’ defense stopped the Cougars after quarterback Doyle went on 4th and 2 and made an incomplete pass to wide receiver Tiquan Gilmore. The Huskies got the ball on turnovers with 1:58 left. 

The Huskies looked to seal the win going on 4th and 12 at the Cougars yard line. 

Garcia had wide receiver Cobe Stribling open in the endzone, but Stribling was unable to secure the ball and did not extend their lead.

With 21 seconds left in the game, the cougars were unable to gain yards for a field goal attempt to tie the game. The Huskies won 10-7. 

The Huskies next game will be this Saturday at Bakersfield College, they are 2-6 on the season. The game starts at 6 p.m.  

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