Save time, money through career clarity with CAPS

By: Leonardo Cervantes

East Los Angeles College students can use the Career and Academic Pathways site to figure out the right career path for them.

Students held a meeting Thursday for students to learn how to navigate Career and Academic Pathways and Academic maps on the ELAC website, as well as how to use the CAPs career survey.

The meeting helped students to learn some basic knowledge and to gain more information about student services and their Academic pathways.

In order to be active with the entire chat, Luu held a game of Kahoot asking simple questions. The main idea centered on Career and Academic Pathways. Career connected to clarity and structure in career technical programs of study.

Academic clear educationally coherent specific course sequences learning outcomes. Pathway ways of achieving clarity and structure in career technical programs of study.

The CAP wheel consists of Administration of Justice and Public Safety, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Sciences, Arts, Media, and Design, Business Law and Information Technology, STEM, Exploration and Preparation, and Language and communication.

In order for students to fully utilize CAP, they can visit the ELAC website and hover over the menu tab and click on Career and Academic pathways. Each CAP has a hyperlink so any student can easily be directed to all of the programs that they can take. Success for CAPS is ensuring that all students can continue their studies and advance in their careers before and after they graduate.

The programs provide predictable schedules and embedded discipline- specific support to help students stay on track. Students choose a program of study and develop a plan based on the program maps.

Awareness of the programs provides students with clear, educationally coherent program maps. Academic maps are a term-by-term sequence of courses required to complete a credential transfer, or enter the workforce.

Academic maps are essentially road maps that students can look at that can tell them what courses are offered, so they can plan accordingly. This way students won’t be wasting any time or money on courses they don’t need. On the same webpage as the CAP hyperlink, students can scroll down and each CAP is split up into sub-CAPs.

Once they click on any sub-CAP they will be directed to a page that includes the semester, course code, course name, units and any specific notes that will be helpful when choosing classes. At the end of each session, also shows how many units it is all together, and it does so for each semester and each session.

The five guided pathways student ambassadors are Danny Luu, Maple Duong, Diana Jimenez, Haille Lopez and Kit Dezolt. The guided pathways facilitators are Arpi Festekjian, Dray Banks, Jessica Hansen, Frank Aguirre and Nora Zepada The CAP team currently has over 50 faculty, staff, and students who provide different services. The CAP team welcomes students and other faculty to join their team by emailing

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