Huskies lose to Falcons once more

By: Miguel Dominguez

The East Los Angeles College football team snapped its two-game losing streak against Cerritos College, winning 17-14. ELAC’s defense was a major factor in the game. Cerritos’ run game seemed to have an advantage against ELAC’s defense in the first quarter.

Cerritos had two opportunities to score touchdowns but ELAC’s defense forced them to take field goals. Cerritos led the first quarter 6-0. ELAC seemed to struggle offensively early in the game.

Quarterback Rudy Garcia fumbled the ball late in the first quarter, allowing Cerritos to recover the ball. At this point, it seemed ELAC would trail by more than six points. But immediately ELAC’s defense forced a fumble, giving the offense an opportunity to get the team back in the game.

Halfway through the second quarter, Quarterback Trashawn McMillan finds wide receiver Stripling open in the endzone for a 11-yard touchdown pass. ELAC’s Kicker Christian Reyes scores the extra point, giving the Huskies the lead in the second quarter, 7-6. The running game helped the Huskies offense early in the second half after struggling early in the first quarter. The Huskies extended their lead after a 22-yard field goal by Kicker Christian Reyes, giving them a 10-6 lead in the third quarter.

The Huskies defense kept Cerritos scoreless in the third quarter and helped score a touchdown early in the fourth quarter. The Huskies special teams forced Cerrito’s punter Abraham Delgadillo to scramble out and get tackled, leading to a fumble.

The fumble was recovered by Husky Pedro Amousou who took it to the endzone for a touchdown. This gave the Huskies a 17-6 lead after the extra point. It seemed like ELAC had the win sealed after scoring the touchdown, but Cerritos made a comeback halfway through the fourth quarter. Cerritos scored a 6 yard run touchdown from running back Penieli Lauago.

Cerritos made the two-point conversion, making it a three-point game, 17-14. Under three minutes to go,ELAC was forced to punt the ball. Cerritos was in Huskie territory. Cerrito’s quarterback connected with its wide receiver, giving Cerritos closer to an attempt at a field goal to tie the game. But late penalties pushed Cerritos’ offense back further away from a field goal opportunity.

At this point in the game, Cerritos had less than thirty seconds left on the clock to score with no timeouts remaining. A late pass completion by Cerritos gained them a few yards but the receiver couldn’t get out of bounds to stop the clock and that ended the game.

Cerritos had issues with penalty markers in the game. A face mask was called which placed ELAC closer to the red zone and led up to the 12-yard touchdown pass. Cerritos seemed to have an opportunity to score more points but had a penalty called on them in the third quarter forcing them to punt the ball. And then the late hold penalty that caused them to lose yards and force them to pass the ball with no timeouts caused them the game.

The total penalties markers for Cerritos were 12 and that contributed to 114 yards. Another factor were the timeouts used in the second half of the game. Toward the last minute, Cerritos had no timeouts left, which could have helped Cerritos. ELAC’s passing game didn’t show in the game. Both quarterbacks for the Huskies combined only 9 completions out of 15 attempts for a total of 55 yards.

The Quarterback had no interceptions throughout the whole game. The Huskies gained more yards rushing than passing with 156 total yards. Trashawn McMillan had 57 rushed yards that led to the 22-yard field goal attempt by kicker Christian Reyes.

The Huskies had 211 total yards offensively compared to Cerritos’ 309 total yards. Overall, the defense and special teams helped the Huskies to end their two-game losing streak.

The Huskies are 3-2 on the season and will be receiving Allan Hancock College on Oct. 16. Game starts at 4 p.m.

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