ELAC should provide a variety of online courses

By: Pedro Camarena

East Los Angeles College should have more options for how students want to pursue their education.

Communities are trying to go back to life before the pandemic. Many were affected, including students and staff here at East Los Angeles College. 

Not only have people had to deal with the current pandemic, but the pandemic also led to many struggles and tremendous shifts in many lives. 

Unfortunately, students had a setback in their education and could no longer attend in-person learning. 

Not only was this challenging to students and staff, but their personal life had taken a toll.

ELAC students were given a choice to continue online education or in-person education. 

As everyday life begins to carry on, there is a possibility of online education ending. 

Questions and worries occur within student communities because many students and families adapted to online learning.  

Another tremendous shift is occurring as schools transition back. Many wonders if in-person learning is suitable for them and their personal life. 

Online learning has made it easier for those who struggle with jobs, mental health, and family matters. 

Some of the students at ELAC chose to continue the online education for personal reasons.   

More online classes should be provided, more resources, and more in-depth training for professors who would also like to teach online. 

Widening these options would ease worries it will also be beneficial.  

People with other responsibilities can have a higher education due to how easy it can be to attend classes, work and care for their families. 

Older students may feel more comfortable rather than having to juggle all their responsibilities. 

Transportation may be an issue for the younger students who may not have the accessibility to drive or have a ride to school. 

Some students will feel uncomfortable going back to classes having to readjust to in-person learning or may deal with some social anxiety or other mental health factors.  

The pandemic indeed opened up new fears about sicknesses and made them more aware and cautious. 

Certain situations and close confinement might make people uncomfortable and might even cause setbacks in people’s lives.  

I agree with eliminating online learning, as some students may prefer that option. 

The worst-case scenario would be that some students couldn’t handle it and would have to leave school for a while or indefinitely. 

Due to a drastic change in their life, many students could be overwhelmed with stress and new mental health issues. 

As our school moves back to everyday life, students should have more of a say in whether they should continue online classes. 

Students and staff should be able to feel comfortable in their learning, teaching, and working environment. 

No one should have to feel overwhelmed or overworked when it comes to themselves and their future. 

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